Browzar Un-intended Usage

In my previous blog, never thought I would use a Browzar.  Just found an ‘unintended’ use.  I kind of enjoy reading the Times of India epaper.  The online edition of TOI is full of adverts and even pop-up blockers cant help you.  The epaper is much better, and gives u a feel for the newspaper + reminds you of the days growing up.  However, i tried accessing TOI epaper from my home laptop with IE7, and it would not load. So tried using Browzar on it, and it worked!!!  It is quick to download, easy to install (nothing to install), and gets on with the job.  Really Nifty (as Babu put it).  Hats off to British engineering (finally)

(This blog was part of my ‘Caught in the crossfire‘ blogs in 2006)

New discoveries

I (re)discovered couple of things this week.. some intresting, some not so. Here they are in no particular importance
1) Browzar (, It is a new browzer that helps safeguard privacy (or so it claims).  It is a thin veneer over your regular IE, but may be good in the long term.  I checked with my tech guru Babu, and he seems ‘ok’ (‘really nifty’ were his words) with it.  I did not find much use with it though Continue reading