New discoveries

I (re)discovered couple of things this week.. some intresting, some not so. Here they are in no particular importance
1) Browzar (, It is a new browzer that helps safeguard privacy (or so it claims).  It is a thin veneer over your regular IE, but may be good in the long term.  I checked with my tech guru Babu, and he seems ‘ok’ (‘really nifty’ were his words) with it.  I did not find much use with it though
2) The IE7, its been almost a month that I have the IE7 Beta installed, and it looks ok.  I am getting used to the tabbed experience.  Unfortunately, I still have good ole IE6 on my office machine, so difficult to keep moving between the two.  However, 7/10 for IE7  (bit cheeky??)
3) Yahoo Beta.  i have started liking the new Yahoo Beta.. esp if u can start using the shortcuts.. but it can be a pig to run if u r on dial up.  I was in Mumbai last week, and the home broadband was down, so did a bit of dial up on my laptop, and had to switch back to normal Yahoo.. but now that i m back in the UK and on broadband, have moved to Beta again!!
Finally, managing to do a bit of reading on the train.  Tomas Friedman’s ‘The World is Flat’, is a good read about the changes happening in the world, and how it is becoming flatter.  Still on the 80th page, but am clinging on to it.  Another proof that the world is flat and opportunities galore – The book is available in the UK at £8.99 and in India for £5.99
(This blog was part of my ‘Caught in the crossfire‘ blogs in 2006)

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