Microsoft v/s Google-eBay

While reading ‘The World is Flat’ and trying to get my Adsense working, I think i might have found a perfect storm for Microsoft.  Google buying eBay or vice versa. Ironically, this may have nothing to do with their individual core competencies i.e. Search and Auctions.  I think the more potent combination is Adsense and PayPal.  Currently it is my understanding that they may not be interoperable, but the combination is lethal.  I spent some time on Yahoo Answers and similar sites and trawled thru the Net for ‘money making ideas’, and most of the advice i got was ‘to sell lots on eBay’.  Personally, i know a few blokes who make a living on eBay.  So there is a community that does this and it is expanding.
The second common advice was to put a lot of Adsense advts on my site and get money when people click thru.  Another good idea in practice (and I put a few Adsense on my blogspot), but I think very few people will click thru, because of the sheer teeming masses that have Adsense on their website.  I think that people will be burdened by the sheer fatigue of seeing Adsense.  It can be irritating too, since they can appear innocuously and you might click on it thinking it is part of the website, only to be transported to sheer madness.  This is particularly true on my Indian stock market monitoring site ( Adsense appears on the side looking like links to stocks or Mutual funds.  the moment u click on it, it takes me to US stocks and useless penny stocks in the US.  What good is that to to anyone.  Anyways, coming back, I get a sense from people that they THINK that Adsense will make them money.
PayPal is increasingly becoming the defacto standard to money transactions on the web, Adsense seems to be a money making tool. Why don’t they talk to each other.  If they do, it can be a good synergy.  So why should Microsoft be worried?
In my view, Microsoft may own the desktop, and people will use Windows to boot up, IE to get onto the Net and use Adsense and PayPal.  However, once Adsense and Paypal own the backend (and the way to the purse strings and hearts) they they integrate forward towards the desktop.  It will take time and some more partners, but worth watching.  I think the future is bright for the consumer.  Is anyone reading this at MS, GOOG or eBay?
(This blog was part of my ‘Caught in the crossfire‘ blogs in 2006)

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