Yahoo Answers – neat stuff

Now that i have resumed blogging (i hope it sustains the week), another thing that I discovered this week was Yahoo Answers.  I have been meaning to check it out earlier, but the daily grind to help pay the mortgage is not very helpful.  Finally got some free time over the weekend and tried it out.  The gr8 thing is that u can assume a name distinct from your yahoo login.  I asked a few innocuous questions, like ‘opinion on good digital camera’ etc, and got some decent response in no time.  Some were useful too.  The interesting on was the community under the ‘Family and Relationship’, looks like everyone and his dog is there.  A few tricky question, and everyone was quick to beat the path down to become an agony aunt.. Everyone has an opinion.. and some really interesting ones too.
I think there have been attempts to create such communities before, but with limited success.  I remember good ole Subra being part of TrinTrin, and some other services came and went.  The success would depend on how it rewards its participants.  I don’t think I understood the Yahoo answers point system much, but, I could see many with ‘Level 5, 6’ etc.. so I guess it must be working.
I think it is a good application, since it is helping everyone from Tokyo to Turkmenistan and from the nerdy basement to New York socialite to transform into Oprah and dish out advice under the garb of an assumed avatar.  how cool is that!!!
(This blog was part of my ‘Caught in the crossfire‘ blogs in 2007)

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