Is Disruption the same as Innovation?

We are increasingly seeing innovation becoming part of the CxO growth agenda and Capgemini is a recognised leader in this area. So it is understandable that I got a bit of grief for using the term ‘Disruption’ instead of ‘Innovation’ in my previous posting. So that begs the question, is Disruption the same as Innovation? My answer is: It depends. Innovation comes in various forms and can affect different parts of the organisation in ways that may or may not cause disruption. Disruption on the other hand is almost always an end result of an innovation; new technology, process, products or applying an old way of doing things in a new context/industry. Continue reading


Disruption works both ways

The advent of the ‘conversation economy’ has seen the rise of clutter in media, products, channels etc. Unfortunately, such clutter can drown away efforts by companies and customers to connect with each other. Finding a way to cut through this clutter is therefore becoming important for both companies and customers alike. Disruptive techniques provide one such way – and it works both ways!! Continue reading