Social Media: a bad marketing strategy?

Every few months, a jargon comes along that forces a wry smile. Till recently, TGIF would translate to how you felt on Friday or would mean an American fast food chain. However, in the web enabled flat world, it stands for Twitter, Google, Internet and Facebook. While this is gaining currency in the US, it will surely make it way to this side of the pond very soon. In one of the finest article I have read recently on this topic, branding guru Al Ries argues that Social Media Not The Answer For Weak Brands. He is spot on!! Continue reading


The various days of Christmas..

The holiday season is finally upon us. George Ritzer famously described Modern malls as the new Cathedrals of Consumption. With shopping increasingly becoming a cultural activity, he likened customers to worshippers, a credit-card constituency voting with their feet and wheels. One of the ways to know that Christmas is here is by the number of emails and post from companies sending Christmas greetings. All sorts of things are turning up in the post including invitations to pre-sale previews, exclusive events etc. Everyone is trying to outdo their rival to reach out to the customer. In their frenzy to gain wallet share, we have seen the emergence of ‘blockbuster sale’ days: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day Continue reading

Dell helps make my last purchase this decade, a good experience..

The noughties have come to an end with us having seen the worst economic situation in a generation. Front line sales and marketing staff took the brunt, while customer service was forced to deliver more with less. Training budget have been slashed while free coffee & biscuits have all but disappeared from offices. Continue reading