Arctic Golf @ Wexham Golf Course

First day of my Xmas hols, Pradeep and I played 9 holes on the Red Course at Wexham Golf Course. With overnight temperatures below freezing, the whole course was frozen over.

First let me get the good news out of the way…..

Now for the rest of the update..
Pradeep and I tee-ed off around 10am today.  The only other people on the course were a bunch of women OAPs.  I nearly did not make it to the course, as they dont allow denim jeans on the course.  However, given the lack of people on the course, they relented.  In hindsight, they should have not allowed me.  Would have ended my misery.

Very good and tough course.  But unfortunately, it was frozen over.  It is pretty long.  The par 4s were generally Driver + 5 iron + SW to get to the greens and then 2 putting.  Unfortunately, no traction on the greens, so nothing was sticking.  I hit the greens thrice with a SW, only to see the ball run off into the rough.  For the first 5 holes, the ball was regularly covered in ice. You could not get a tee into the ground – had to drill it in. To make matters interesting, we got some rain after the 6th hole.

The best I managed was a bogie.  Pradeep got his well deserved coffee and toast.  In this context, I am amazed, astonished and pleased that Sunil had a few pars a few weeks ago.. Way to go!!!.  It shows that prudent course management is far more effective than big driving.  I have a lot to learn from Sunil (as always).

Unfortunately, no photos, as my hands were too frozen for it.


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