Making merry at Merrist Wood

Last day of the xmas and NY break, Rakash and I went out for an 18 hole game at Merrist Wood GC in Worplesdon. Mild temperatures to start with turned out to be a beautiful day in the end. It was our first time at Merrist, so trying to find our way around was always going to be a challenge.

Ignoring penalties…
VK: 97; RaG: 109
I had 3 penalties while RaG had 4.

I had a couple of pars on Par 4s. While the bogies where near misses. Par on 5th hole was possible due to a great chip shot from 20 yards which stopped less than 5 feet from the hole. However the par on the 14th took the biscuit. Its a long 350 yard downhill. Did a 280 yard drive just short of a ditch followed by a 70 yard pitch and the two putted.. This is why I play golf. :).

Playing on an empty stomach (other than his nictotine and caffine doses) RaG had a disaster of a front 9 by shooting 21 over. But what a recovery in the back 9!!! When he got the driver working, it did the talking. On the 14th, he was only about 20-25 yards behind me. He bogied the last 3 holes.

Overall a great day on a beautiful course – as some of the pictures suggest. A lot of tactical playing as we played short to avoid hazards rather than go the distance, played on the fringes of the tee to open up the fairway etc. The day was made difficult by the fact that buggies and trolleys were not allowed as the fairways were soaked. However the greens were a beauty (and fast). So we lugged our kit for the 6.5K yards. Worth it and we should play again.

I guess the big positive for me today is that I have had two 18 hole games this week and shot in the 90s. In 2012, I neeed to aim at breaking 90.

A good cheeseburger, pint and a jacuzzi to recover from it.


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