Arctic Monkeys…

One of my minor indulgences is to try and play different courses.  Playing the same course every time, can be a bit kumon-esque.  However, good courses in Surrey are expensive.  So what could be a better way to enjoy them, but play them during the winter on winter rates!!!

So thats what we did, instead of playing any of the usual suspects, Rakash and I stumped up some extra dough and played at West Byfleet Golf Club. WBGC is a member GC, but allows some pay and play.  With winter rates at 50% off, there was no need to rethink. There was a lot of overnight frost, and the 12th hole was closed for irrigation work.  So we ended up playing 17 holes.

Overall a good course, the greeens had a lot of frost, so would not run true.  The fairways are pretty wide, though you do have to look out for hazards.  It is a shortish course. par 70., but it is packed with fairly long par 4s (12 P4!!!).  The driver was out of the bag most of the time.

Rakash had a bit of a poor start.  The first 4 holes needed him to take a penalty each.

The drives were not happening, but the mid and short irons were fine.  Rakash produced the (trick) shot of the day. On the easy 4th (125yd, Par 3), Rakash miscued, the ball hit two trees and ricochet back to the tee box!! What a ROFL moment. Once he was warmed up, RaG did get his swing going. He was driving the ball 200-220 yards consistently. Rakash’s best was a bogie.

I had a slightly decent start.  For the first 4 holes, I scored a 5!!!  After I recovered from laughing my face off on the 4th hole, I pulled my tee and it landed on a different green.  (Note to self: Never laugh at someone else’s misfortune).  I finally got my first par on the 10th hole. I could have gone for a par on the 9th after a great approach shot, however, I tried to be over ambitious getting out of a bunker and ended up with a fat shot which sailed over to the next green!.  Driving was pretty decent.  My hybrid and 5 iron came back to form.  Putting was pointless.

Final score:

  •  RaG: 103 + 6 penalties
  • VK: 93 + 5 penalties

Overall a good day, I am sure, we can take a few strokes off, since the frosty greens were unreadable.  I am not a big fan of Arctic golf, but today it did not feel that bad.  Maybe will do it once again.


2 thoughts on “Arctic Monkeys…

  1. Nice to see VK confessing … even if Fr. Munsif notices straight away that he has lied. Let us start at the very beginning: “One of my minor indulgences …” My son – you should be saying “One of my many minor and major indulgences …
    With that out of the way, a good blog. Rakash struggled with his driving when we played last week and he seems to have carried that problem through to the first 4-5 holes when you played. Good to know he sorted things out before you finished. His ambition is to beat you and I am sure he will work on his game to catch-up with you over the summer. You have been warned!

  2. Sunil…
    Before teeing off on the first hole, Rakash did the classic mistake of saying, ‘This fairway is very wide, so should be easy’… It was easy, but only after hitting the next two balls OOB 🙂 He was slicing the ball a fair bit, so he started making amends by taking a bit more open stance. He was getting a fair bit of yardage on his drives.. which always helps.
    He did beat me on a few holes, and I know have to live with the infamy of loosing a ball on a Par 3 – twice!!
    Rakash is coming along well, so a good competition is brewing. However, he did renege on his promise to buy lunch and the various wagers we had. Shocking!!!

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