My 3Ts for breaking 90

How time flies when you chase a small ball into a hole. It is almost a year since I set off to get and half my handicap. So a decent time to reflect and plot the rest of the journey.

Looking back on the journey since last April – a lot has changed. New kit, bits of coaching, new partners, new mental game etc. I was lucky to be able to invest a lot of time and money into the game last summer. It has yielded a few results. Won twice at the monthly competitions. Got my first handicap of 36, but over a 5 month period, have been able to bring it down to 26. The quantum leap came partially by moving to Taylormade Burner 2.0s. Nifty clubs, i say. Having started last summer at 112, this year, I have had 3 full games, and finished in the 90s every time. So I guess, things have improved. Continue reading


Being unremarkable is the new remarkable… + Ping

Played my first game on Shey after a long time.  Tee-ed off early as PG wanted to head off early.  He had a bit of a spar with the slow players in front..  🙂  Anyways, that event apart, it was a pretty unremarkable game for me.  more on that later.

The game started on slightly frost conditions.  I had par-ed the first hole – usually not a good omen.  Historically, whenever I par the first hole, I make a meal of the other 8.  Some good tees and percentage shots making from me ensured that was not the case today.  On the 3rd hole, I thought I tee-ed well – but lost the ball into the low sun – took a penalty.  Continue reading