Being unremarkable is the new remarkable… + Ping

Played my first game on Shey after a long time.  Tee-ed off early as PG wanted to head off early.  He had a bit of a spar with the slow players in front..  🙂  Anyways, that event apart, it was a pretty unremarkable game for me.  more on that later.

The game started on slightly frost conditions.  I had par-ed the first hole – usually not a good omen.  Historically, whenever I par the first hole, I make a meal of the other 8.  Some good tees and percentage shots making from me ensured that was not the case today.  On the 3rd hole, I thought I tee-ed well – but lost the ball into the low sun – took a penalty.  A bigger casualty was me switching to (lake) Titelist Pro V1.  Every time I change my Srixion AD333, my putting control becomes ordinary.  Found a Callaway on the course, and used it to much better result – the Callaway was much harder than then V1s.  On the 9th par 3, pulled my tee about 10 yards off the green.  But nearly birdied with a gem of a chip.  One of the highlight/lowlight of today’s game was me trying too hard to adopt PGs ‘bend more’ stance.  Whenever I did it, either I had a great shot or made a complete hash of it – nothing in the middle.   Anyways, tallied the scores at the end… was surprised that I finished with a 41!!!!.  I guess having 3 pars helps 🙂

Sunil had one of his best rounds.. Sunil is starting to shoot his age on Shey.  He had a blowout hole, but the rest were pretty good.  He was driving well and some of the putting was extraordinary.  Leighton’s coaching is coming handy.  Sunil now has a pre shot routine that looks like he is trying to apology while seeking permission from the ball before hitting it.  He is using my Yonex driver to pretty good results.  I think Sunil finished with a score of 51 or 52

<Equipment blurb> Speaking of drivers… Ritesh now has a new driver.  A Ping G20 with 10.5 loft.  I tried it at the range, must say, it is a pretty impressive. Very light and forgiving, something to think about for the others. Having seen the Ping in action with Rakash and Ritesh, I am now considering Ping hybrids rather than the Mashies or Bafflers. Sunil and I spent some time at the pro shop, looking at some of the new goodies.  TM’s R11s looks like it has more settings than my car; Cobra AMP’s hi-vis looks will satisfy every health and safety bod while the Ping G20 oversize looks like it sits in two postcodes.

Finally, PG had a very indifferent game today.  He had too many things on his mind.  The curfew at home meant that he never really turned up.  Thanks to me running late for the tee-off and the spar with the couple just exaggerated the whole thing.  He had some good tee shots. I guess the blow out on the 7th, though funny to watch, will be easily forgotten.  He finished with a score of 54 or 56.  This means Sunil has finally beaten PG.

Since PG kept the scores, I never looked at it.  With the mind devoid of any pressure to gain a shot or go for the kill, all I did was try and play the next shot. Never considered how many pars/bogies I did till we finished.  Hence, I thought I was having an unremarkable game.  However, a 41 is a good day out for me on Shey.  I guess, this is how golf should be played.  Never think of how good or bad your holes are, just focus on the next 2 shots. Being unremarkable is the new remarkable.

PS: Next Sunday is the improvers competition.. so match report to follow.  Sunil is planning to play.  Between the 6 of us, I hope we can get something to take home.


2 thoughts on “Being unremarkable is the new remarkable… + Ping

  1. Excellent summary VK – and some kind words. I believe PG did better than 54. He did not finish that nineth hole – but if we assume he got a 6 there, he finished at 52+1. His game has also come on well. He had three very good tee-off shots and has also been benefiting from the tme and money he spent on his MOT.

  2. Sunil.. Indeed PG (& you) are coming leaps and bounds. I need to book some time with Leighton before the Leighton brigade over runs my house of cards. Good to hear that PG finished at 52+1… the battle to get off the last rung is getting exciting… and everyone above needs to watch out. Do not rest on their laurels, golf is a great equaliser

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