Changing my grip.. again

Last year, my game took a big leap when I took my first classes with Chris.  He changed my grip, and all hell broke loose.  It took a good few months to adjust to the new grip.   But the last few months have been relatively ok.  However, bad habits have crept in and I am getting a bit more of a (left) palm grip.

I had my first lesson with Leighton – since I need a fresh set of eyes.  OMG!, Change of coach.  The first thing he has done is change my grip to a more neutral postition.  My left hand seems to be taking it realtively well, but my right hand is fighting the change.  Part of my distance comes from the stronger right hand, so a move to a more neutral grip has killed the distance.  My 6-iron going only about 140yards.

I think I will stick to the neutral grip if it gives me any consistency.  The best video I have seen in the past, has been Luke Donald’s masterclass.  The grip masterclass can be found here, but the whole series is worth it.


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