how to lose 20 yards in 2 days..

While the golf Interweb is full of how to gain 50 yards in 5 days.. my story is the exact opposite.  In the past 2 days as I work with Leighton to iron out my swing, I have lost about 20 yards!!

Yesterday, we worked on my grip.  The move to a neutral right hand took all the power off my irons.  I am now shooting about 20 yards or less than my regular yardage.

Today, we worked on introducing a hook into my game.  I have a tendency to slice the ball.  This is especially true on long irons, wood and driver – basically anything over 200yards would see a slice on it, unless I close the face at setup.  The primary reason being my club face can tend to be a bit open at impact and I do not roll over my arms after release.  This is very interesting, since my cricket is very strong on the leg side and hooking the ball comes naturally.  So we worked on some drills to add the hook.

So should I give up and go back to my old game?  Hell no.. I am ok with losing the distance – provided it is temporary.  Last year when I changed my grip, I had the same problem.  I lost distance only to get better in subsequent months.  Hopefully, I will gain in the long term.

Bring it on ……………………


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