Finding inspiration and an extra gear… (musings)

I sense golf is a bit like professional music (or stand up comedy for that matter). The 1% make all the money, while the rest of us will keep trying. Not sure why I wrote that, but I think it is fair to say so.

As I look at my performance in the past month or so.. if I ignore the outliers, I think I am starting to plateau. On Shey, I consistently shoot a bogie round (on a bad day 45). Except the last game, all 18 hole games have been in the 90s. But there is something missing. To get to the next level and sub 90s, I need to find some inspiration or find a new gear to step up to.

Moving to Leighton has helped my technique. Changing my grip for the irons is coming along well. My driving sits in the 230-250 yards, but can do better with technique. Not planning any new kit, but I loved smoking RaG’s new Ping G20 driver past the 250y mark this Sunday.

That leaves inspiration. This months’s issue of Golf Monthly carried an article on Gary Christian. After years of serious elbow grease and grit, Gary made it to the US PGA Tour at the grand old age of 40. All this after selling knives, sleeping in vans, pension admin etc. More on Gary in the Guardian

SM, RaG and Pradeep are a bit young to join the Seniors tour, but who knows? For PG, RiG and me, Gary gives us something to help inspire our game and break whatever we are targeting.

While, the likelyhood of all us to be in the 99% is very high, this year, I want to break 90. That would achieve my goal of halving my handicap from 36 to 18. A few more sacrifices & hours of practice to come over the next 6 months, but I need to shave off about 8 strokes off my game.

Come on boys, lets find an extra gear and lift our games… We need at least 2 on the winners list this Saturday. PG can we get another -5?


10 thoughts on “Finding inspiration and an extra gear… (musings)

  1. well one thing that should get you lifting your game is the fact that i want to take you over and i am improving every minute , can the hare stay in from of the greyhound, the chase is happening !

  2. RaG… the greyhound in you is the only reason I turn up on Shey.. However, at the moment you are more Grey than a Hound.. So good luck. Though I must say your 45 on Sunday was bloody good. If you can pull out the same score, then you are onto a winner this Saturday.. then l will buy you a drink.

  3. vk i will push you hard dont worry you will reach the the 18 handicap this only for the reason i want to be 19 handicap this year and i know you going to do your hardest not to let me take you over .

    by the way what is your best on shey i would love to know

  4. Its a deal.. I do 18.. u do 19.
    I have broken 40.. RiG tells me 38, but I dont think it was under GAAP.. but I will happily take 38.

  5. I dont have any ambition to play professionally, but I am hell bent on having a decent enough handicap to avoid embarrassment. I am more embarrassed by duff shots which have a good outcome then with good shots with bad outcome. Hopefully, I can cut out the former and get better results from the latter.

  6. @PG.. agree.. dont forget you it is less than 6 months for you on the (Shey) tour.. and you have already broken 50.. You are doing better than I did. You just need to stay below 50. Imprve ur short game and not let RaG play mental games with you. And we need to try more courses.

  7. Dear Earl Woods aka PG: A little advice. Can you please change Varun’s name to Tiger Woods? That will ensure that VK’s bhavishya-vaani comes true! 🙂

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