Another sinking feeling in Pyrford

Since our last outing at Pyrford a few weeks ago, it has been on my ‘to be tamed’ list. So RaGs and I revisited Pyrford again. A chat with friendly Kevin from the sales team set up for a good time.

This time we were a bit more prepared and warned. Though we skipped the customary scuba gear that should be a must on Pyrford, RaGs bought a stash of 24 balls. He promptly emptied 12 of these into his bag. I had a few shite balls in the bag too and was fully expecting to reach out to these reserves as soon as I run out of my first sleeve of my Srixon AD333s. Continue reading


Introducing The desi 333 challenge.

The monthly Shey competitions is becoming a bit of a chore. Increasingly all of us are not able to make it at the same time. This is making the leader board wobble a fair bit.

While almost all of us have won something at Shey, it is not a true reflection of what happens over an 18 hole game. In my case, I have been consistently shooting 100+, despite the Shey handicap of 24. Continue reading

Chopping in Chobham

Another week, another club.  RaGs and I took our game to Chobham Golf Course.  CGC is a traditional members club within driving distance from home.  It had been on my radar for a while, but we had struggled to get tee times that we wanted – even on weekdays!!.  So was a bit of a relief to get a slot.  Perfect time to use up my GreeFree voucher.   CGC is a par 69 course, and claims to the friendliest clubs in Surrey.  For a change we got to a club well in time.  The clubhouse looks very inviting and warm.  But there was no time for niceties, as we were keen to hit the greens. Continue reading

Going crazy at Guildford GC

RaGs and I went exploring again.. This time we paid a visit to Guildford Golf Course. Founded in 1886, Guildford GC is rich in history. Hence more reasons for us to go exploring. Set on the North Downs at Merrow, Guildford Golf Course is a par 69 course and 6160 Yards in length of the competition tees with a Standard Scratch Index of 70. We wanted to hire buggies, but Guildford don’t do buggies, so it was back on trollies. Continue reading

Desi Leaderboard

While we battle the golf course, we also compete against each other.  Here is our leaderboard.

(PS: these are made up numbers within the group, and dont reflect our real handicaps)


Desi Golfer Leaderboard




Current Handicap

First Handicap

First Handicap


Vinesh Kurup



Aug 2011


Ritesh Gandhi



Aug 2011


Rakash Gupta



Nov 2011


Prashant Gandhi



     Jan 2012


Pradeep Mathur





Sunil Munsif




Return to Abbey Moor in anger..

This Sunday we played at Abbey Moor.  I like Abbey Moor.  It is a quirky little 9 hole course, but I have never really mastered it.  My last visit was the UK Golf League competition, where I had a disaster run – finishing at 52 or something.  So I wanted to return to Abbey Moor in anger, and set the record straight.  Also, i was hoping that my driving was on a rebound and would help me get back. Continue reading

Exploring Pyrford and Traditions GCs – Part 2

After our exploits at Pyrford GC, RaGs and I decided to explore Traditions Golf Course.  Traditions GC is a pay-n-play course and part of Crown Golf network. The course has had some good reviews on

The booking process was fine, and again the overnight rains meant we could not get any buggies.  The pros were a friendly bunch, and we checked in ok.  Tired (read lazy) after his drive from Holland, RaGs decided to hire an electric trolley.  He did enjoy the fact that he did not have to push his clubs, but rather walk behind it.  Now if there was a way to automate his shot making. Continue reading