Exploring Pyrford and Traditions GCs – Part 1

I have been off writing for a while.. either way there was very little I could write about.  I have been struggling with trying to keep the ball in play these days.  My tee shots are starting right and staying right. With limited outing to the range, I had little opportunity to fix it.  However, went to the range twice and figured out it was my grip thing.  So have changed back to a more neutral grip and starting to see result.

In the meanwhile in the past 2 weeks, RaGs and I went explored 2 clubs: Pyrford GC and Traditions GC.  Both are part of the Crown Golf network and within a 10 mile radius from us.

Pyrford:  Pyrford GC is a members club, but allows visitors to come thru.  Set up the game via twitter!  RaGs picked me up, and we spent a good 20 mins trying to locate PGC – despite the GPS. Once there, we expected it to be a bit stuffy.  However, we were surprised at how welcoming the club members were. Everyone we met in the club house, pro shop, on the course had a smile and looked content. Stopped by the Nick’s (the manager and Mr Twitter) office to say our thanks.

Had bought the yardage book, but that did not prepare us for what we were about to encounter. The opening hole is mild taster. There is water everywhere.  The course demands accuracy and patience (and a lot of spare balls).  Two weeks of non stop rains had taken its toll.  While the course was well drained and the greens being in great shape, we seemed to find water everywhere. The course is very long, and with buggies not allowed, it took its toll trying to walk the course.

My fav hole was the 6th – 120y, par 3 (see pic).. which is essentially a tee box- 120y bunker – green!.  ImageDue to the rains, the bunker was half full of water. While I got onto the green off the tee. RaGs ended in the water filled bunker. He could have taken a free drop, but chose not to.  From an unbalanced position, he pitch the half submerged ball to about 3 feet of the hole!!  This is why we play golf.. shot of the day.

With water everywhere, we lost a number of balls.  At the halfway mark, I bought some lake balls from the pro shop.  Shamefully, have to admit, I lost ALL of them on back 9.

RaGs was not having it any easier, and lost a ‘considerable’ number of balls.  I guess his best hole was the 9th – 568 y, Par 5- It is extremely long and we took different approaches to it.  RaGs kept to the left, while I pursued a more aggressive approach on the right.  An amazing 2nd sHole 9hot and he was well set up for great approach shot.  While my brave attempt at the third shot, met with a watery grave, RaGs landed just outside the green. Unfortunately, it felt like a visit to dentist for him after that, as he took about 4 strokes/putt to put it out of its misery.

Soon the scores started becoming  irrelvant as we were playing to conserve our balls.  It would have been a shame to not finish this beautiful course.

RaGs won the front 9, while I took the back 9.  A hollow victory for me in strokeplay, since both of had gone past 100.

Overall verdict:  Great course. Bit Pricey. Very technical and makes you want to consider the consequence of your choice of stroke before you take it.  I would definitely like to return and tame it – (and carry an extra sleeve of balls next time)


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