Exploring Pyrford and Traditions GCs – Part 2

After our exploits at Pyrford GC, RaGs and I decided to explore Traditions Golf Course.  Traditions GC is a pay-n-play course and part of Crown Golf network. The course has had some good reviews on golfshake.com.

The booking process was fine, and again the overnight rains meant we could not get any buggies.  The pros were a friendly bunch, and we checked in ok.  Tired (read lazy) after his drive from Holland, RaGs decided to hire an electric trolley.  He did enjoy the fact that he did not have to push his clubs, but rather walk behind it.  Now if there was a way to automate his shot making.

The course has very well marked OOB, and can punish slices and hooks.  After the gruelling visit to Pyrford, I spend some time & thought about my grip.  Having seen some improvement, I was keen to have a better outing at Traditions.  However, I started badly. Had to take a Mulligan on the first hole. as I put a big slice on the first tee.  RaGs hit a good tee. I sliced my provisional too!!. What a disaster of a start.   Second hole was no better for me.  2 holes and already +8 for me.  RaGs was driving well, but his greenside short game and putting were letting him down.

The third hole (127y, Par 3), is perhaps one of the best par 3s, I have played in a long time. It is very dramatic and a masterclass on how you Hole 3can cram an OOB, a bunker, a tree and an electric pylon in a very tight space.  I managed to par the hole, while RaGs suddenly lost his mojo.

The next hole is a Par 4, 330 y with an SI 1. The hole requires a very accurate drive from an elevated tee box between a set of trees.  Once on the fairway, it is a very easy hole.  Both of missed our pars by inches and ended up with bogies.

The 5th is a good hole, but the fairways was very waterlogged.  We could have easily played in willies.

Hole 6th is another beautiful Par 3 (156y).  Very tight and need to avoid a tree.  RaGs hit to the right of the green and ended up in the pathway. I had another disaster as I experimented with my grip and sliced my tee and provisional OOB.

The rest of the game was not very remarkable as we kept good pace.  Some good holes (9, 13, 16, 17)   RaGs won the front 9 in match play and stroke play. As is becoming a trend, I came back on the back 9.  Had a couple of pars, which help me win the game on both matchplay and strokeplay.  RaGs and I seem to be taking up the challenge of playing on new courses.  Brings the best (and worst) out of us.  His game has come a long way. He always beats on the front 9, while I get back on the back 9.  Next time, I think we should start on the back 9 🙂

Overall verdict:  It is a great pay and play course.  The pros are friendly.  The clubhouse is basic, but I am happy to see money being spent on the course rather than the club. Some great holes – definitely will come back for holes 3, 4 and 6.

We have now played at 3 Crown Golf coures – Pyrford, Merrist Wood and Traditions.  All have been good fun and great courses that appeal to differnt tastes.  While they all probably be rated around the 3.5/5 mark, I would rank them in that order (P, MW, T) on personal pref. Need to play more – now if wishes were horses…


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