Return to Abbey Moor in anger..

This Sunday we played at Abbey Moor.  I like Abbey Moor.  It is a quirky little 9 hole course, but I have never really mastered it.  My last visit was the UK Golf League competition, where I had a disaster run – finishing at 52 or something.  So I wanted to return to Abbey Moor in anger, and set the record straight.  Also, i was hoping that my driving was on a rebound and would help me get back.

  • 1st hole:  Started badly, the slice ending on the 9th fairway. Hit a draw to just outside the green. Par
  • 2nd :  Topped the drive, recovered with a 4 hybrid. Killer pitch.. Bogie
  • 3rd:  Another slice. Lost the ball (suspect the guys in front picked it), got caught in the mud.. +4
  • 4th: Killer Pitch, Par
  • 5th: Par
  • 6th: Par
  • 7th: Bogie
  • 8th: Killer Pitch, Par
  • 9th: Another slice, took a penalty, never recovered.. +4

Finished with an overall +10.  A bit of redemption, though the blowouts did not help much. Happy with my pitching & chipping. Driving needs (more) sorting. Mid irons can do with improvement.  Mental game coming together.

Pradeep had a decent outing and played with his usual flair.  He had some good holes, but equally some bad holes.

PG played military golf (left-right-left), lost a ball. The 5th was his nemesis again – I thought we lost PG too as he disappeared for a while.

RiG, started well, but then had a meltdown on the 3rd– he was seen trying to crawl into the bushes and attempt a shot while on all fours.  He almost gave up and was seen walking aimlessly on the 5th J.  He came back on the 8th and 9th.  I think he finished at 51 or so. .. Not a good outing for him.

Abbey Moor.. tamed.. well nearly.


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