Chopping in Chobham

Another week, another club.  RaGs and I took our game to Chobham Golf Course.  CGC is a traditional members club within driving distance from home.  It had been on my radar for a while, but we had struggled to get tee times that we wanted – even on weekdays!!.  So was a bit of a relief to get a slot.  Perfect time to use up my GreeFree voucher.   CGC is a par 69 course, and claims to the friendliest clubs in Surrey.  For a change we got to a club well in time.  The clubhouse looks very inviting and warm.  But there was no time for niceties, as we were keen to hit the greens.

It is always an interesting few moments before the first tee on a new course.  It gets even more interesting if the first tee is a blind one.  You can raise it another notch if the yardage book just has a picture and no tip!!.  So off we tee-ed into the blind in the direction of the marker post.  The results were not too bad, as we both bogied.

The second hole is better looking 150y P3.  RaG started his nemesis by overthinking about the water – only to see his ball just survive, but on the wrong side of the water.  I had a good drive to hit the green in regulation and made par.  My best shot was probably my 2nd shot on the 6th (480y, P5). Topped my drive to about 150y, but luckily just short of the water.  The second was a cracking 4-hybrid to get it within pitching distance. Finished by making par.

RaGs started ok, but was getting left behind very quickly.  He had some good shots, but they were sprinkled with bad ones.  His long game fell apart, but short one started looking up.  Every time he lost a hole, he would start experimenting his shots – a very good strategy indeed.

The course is very playable.  The water does not come into play on most holes.  The 15th is probably a good water hole.  A 194y P3, it has about 100 yards of water off the tee.  It simply messes with the head rather than any real danger. RaGs tried to overthink the water and promptly found it. Took a penalty and then two shots to hole. I hit my 4 hybrid to the edge of the green, and then 4 putted to tie the hole! What a shame.

The last 3 holes are across the road. The last hole is a good hole.  But both of us hit it OOB, and dropped balls to make it a ‘double or quit’ Par 3.  I think we tied the hole and called it even.

It was a good day out for both.  A good course that does not beat the daylights out of you, but is not tamed easily either.  I am sure we will be back for a round this year.


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