Another sinking feeling in Pyrford

Since our last outing at Pyrford a few weeks ago, it has been on my ‘to be tamed’ list. So RaGs and I revisited Pyrford again. A chat with friendly Kevin from the sales team set up for a good time.

This time we were a bit more prepared and warned. Though we skipped the customary scuba gear that should be a must on Pyrford, RaGs bought a stash of 24 balls. He promptly emptied 12 of these into his bag. I had a few shite balls in the bag too and was fully expecting to reach out to these reserves as soon as I run out of my first sleeve of my Srixon AD333s.

The day was very windy, and the warm day had brought a lot of golfers onto the course. With a buggy, and a four ball behind us, we expected to rip thu the course. But the sheer number of people meant we went along at normal pace.

I opened well. The wind adding a further slice to my slice, but landed on the more forgiving right hand side of the first fairway. Third shot onto the green and well set for par, and then bogied!! RaGs sliced his first one OOB and then nearly OOBed his provisional. A few iron shots and he was back on the green. The second hole – Par 3- was a shocker for both as I double bogied and RaG gave up. On our last outing, I had lost a couple of balls on the third. It was on my mind, so I ended up topping my drive. It was pretty fortuitous, as the ball stayed under the wind and missed the water and the bunker. Two shots later, got my first Par. RaG followed suit – bad drive, but then got his Par too!! We had gone one back on the course.

By the 5th hole, I was feeling cocky for not having lost a ball so far. As is customary, that was the jinx I needed, as I drove the next one straight into the icy depths of the nearest water hazard.  My best hole was the 8th. A beautiful 240y drive brought me to the greenside bunker. A pitch set me for an easy birdie, but a close shave meant, it would end in a par.

RaGs had been running through his stack of balls as if they were going out of fashion. On the previous outing, he had enjoyed the XXL 9th hole. This time it was the same. Good drive, long iron, short iron, putt putt putt for a bogie. Should have been a par, He seems to be loving the 9th hole.

The back 9 was a forgettable exercise. Last time, the easy 10th (144y, par 3) had seen both of us loose a couple of balls in the water. RaGs tried his jedi magic skills on me, but backfired. I got to the back of the green in one, but RaGs ended in the water. A topped chip meant I had to contend with a v long putt to save par. Not sure how I pulled it off, but managed to save par. The remainder of the holes had plenty of risk-reward golf. Unfortunately, most were risk with little rewards.

After the 10th, RaG gave up fighting the course and he could have just carded a blowout on every hole. So he turned his attention to ensure that he could test some new found skills that he had been reading about. The result was a few great shots as well as a few more balls meeting their use by dates. Towards the last few holes, he had run thru his first box of cheap balls and some.

Meanwhile at the BWM Open, Rory blamed the wind on missing his cut. I think both of us can hang our hats on the same. It was a good outing, but the score card was all over the shop. I shot a +34, while RaG was +60. It blows a big wide hole into our Shey handicaps.

Pyrford continues to torment us, but I am sure we will back, and continue fighting the course. It is a bit like watching a good horror movie for a second time – you know all the twists and turns as well as how it will end with everyone dying – but you want to go back and experience the thrill. That is a hallmark of a good course.


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