Introducing The desi 333 challenge.

The monthly Shey competitions is becoming a bit of a chore. Increasingly all of us are not able to make it at the same time. This is making the leader board wobble a fair bit.

While almost all of us have won something at Shey, it is not a true reflection of what happens over an 18 hole game. In my case, I have been consistently shooting 100+, despite the Shey handicap of 24.

With a ‘British Summer of Sports’ looming, RaGs threw down a gauntlet on a new way to decide the top 3 standings in the group. Lets call it the 333 challenge.
3 Men, 3 courses and 3 days.

  • 3 Men – RaG, RiG and me. Though everyone can participate
  • 3 Courses – We chose three 18 hole main courses. Currently in the fray; Hoebridge (since it is our home course), Merrist Wood (much longer + all have played there) and Hersham (none of us have played there, so we are on equal footing). We considered Chobham, Traditions and Pyrford. These may well sneak back into the course listing, who knows.
  • 3 days – The ‘tournament’ will be played over a month or as soon as when we can all be in the same place.

The rules are a bit more stringent as compared to our regular social golf.  In no particular order:

  1. Match play. Every hole is different, so we are effectively in 54 hole battle and no handicaps apply
  2. Side bets are welcome..
  3. Out of the bunker in 2 shots.
  4. Playing a provisional shot is counted as three off the tee (as per std rules)
  5. Relief taken for a lost ball (water in hole/OOB) is an additional 2 shots. This includes playing a relief ball and then finding a ball previously deemed lost
  6. One mulligan on the first hole only
  7. Holes conceded: Once the second person has finished his hole, the third picks up the ball..
  8. Strokes are still counted…. since we still need to improve our game.
  9. Airstrokes will be counted.
  10. Banter allowed but no cheating.
  11. Each one volunteers to get the Drinks on the 19th on a different club

I hope we have the others join us, as this will push all of us in the right direction. Also, this can become an annual event… Lets go ahead and turn on the heat.


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