A visit to Pine Ridge GC

While everyone is on their Jubilee recess, RaGs and I kicked off the Jubilee golf season at Pine Ridge, Frimley.. It is part of Crown Golf.  It was recommended by my neighbor, who is a member of Merrist Wood (also another Crown property)

We reached late and missed our tee slot. Plus they had a society playing and therefore v busy. We were in a holding pattern for a long time.

Both of us messed up our 1st hole. I blew my second hole too.  As a +8 after the second hole, I was staring into another miserable performance.

Then my driver started finding its mojo..  twice drove in the 270-280y mark, twice had an eagle opportunity: The first eagle was on a P5, which ended in Birdie. But the best was a Par 4 270y.. Drove to the edge of the green, but messed my putt to par..(RaGs nearly killed me for my incompetence to convert my eagles) In between was some classic display of pitching and putting. The back 9 was probably my best ever on a regular course. Score: Front: +17, Back: +8.. Total 97.  If you ignore the first 2 holes, the remaining 16 produced a +17!!! A good day out – I say.

Think before you slice. RaG on hole #12, a downhill P3, 220y.

RaGs had his up and down. He had an ok-ish middle sections. His drive was inconsistent, but had some brave recovery shots. Then he turned into a bit of a spectator, egging me on. Finally he came into his own on the 17th and 18th. He pared the P3 17th. On the P5 18th, he had a fantastic drive (230 ish) and finished with another Par.

The course is a relatively easy Par 72. It has no water and the bunkers don’t come into play if get ur drives right. However if your drives are sub 200, you need some course mgmt to stay out of trouble. The front 9 is relatively flat and lacks much character, but the back 9 have some bite. Overall very forgiving course that suits mid to high handicaps.  I am sure a revisit with the rest of the crew in a few weeks should be on the cards.


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