June improver’s competition…

Four of us rocked up to June improvers competition on Shey 9 hole course this weekend.  It was near perfect weather in the morning. All of us tee-ed off separately.   I went out first, followed by Ritesh, then Prashant and then Rakash.

I haven’t played Shey competition for a couple of months, so was looking fwd to it.  I started with a par  – not the best of starts, as I have always gone to blow my round if I open with a Par.  So it downhill when I blew the next two hole.  After 3 holes I was +5, partially thanks to a penalty on the 3rd.  Fought back with a few pars.  On the 5th hole (350y) I had to hit a provisional as we were not sure if we could locate the first.  Absolutely smoked my drive to about 80yards of the flag, a sure contender for the longest drive.  However, we found the first one and I bogied the hole.  At the 6th, I realised I might have a chance of getting a good score if I switched to playing safe.  Par-ed the remaining holes to shoot an aggregate 40 i.e. -5 !!!  With 5 pars, this was my best aggregate score on Shey under competitive condition.  Kudos to the figuring out that golf is really a mental game and course management and short game is far more important than  hitting monster drives.

Ritesh started with a handicap of 11 (so should be on the leaderboard)  As the fourball in front of us was a slow bunch, we had a lot of waiting, so I could watch Ritesh play a few shots.  I saw him drive a good one on the 3rd (P4) to about 50 yards to the green.  However, he duffed the rest to settle for a bogie.  While waiting on the 6th, I saw someone from Ritesh’s group hit a good drive, but about 50 yards shorter than my provisional.  Later on he would go on to win the longest drive – ahh, a missed opportunity for me.   Ritesh finished with a one under par.

I could not see much of PGs game.  He continues to struggle with his direction.  While he is starting to dial in his distance, he is missing his direction.  He eventually shot 50 and ended net par.

[PG update : Started well and ended well -the middle bits left a bit to be desired. I had 2 blowouts – on the 4th and the 5th which affected my overall score. On the 4th, I lost my head as I topped my tee shot and then just rushed through the hole trying to put it to an end. Bad mistake – 4 putts on a par 3 hole tells its own story. On the 5th, my tee shot was badly sliced and I had to play with a provisional ball. Thankfully, I gathered my nerves back and pulled back the score – getting through the last 4 holes at par or bogey score. Not pleased with the effort given the amount of practice I had the whole week]

RaG brought in the tail, but with him tee-ing off 30 mins after me, did not get any opportunity to see or talk about his game.  He finished with a score of +3.

In my group, Mark and I played off 12, both scored a 40!!.  I finally won the best aggregate score on a backcount of 6, while he kept the winners crown.

PS:  Based on last months, Ritesh leads the leaderboard.  He hasn’t updated the leaderboard. However, given this week’s performance, I will shave off a couple of strokes of mine. So we might leave the leaderboard intact (unless Ritesh updates it)

PPS:  RiG, PG and RaG, if you read this, can you add your bits to the blog..


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