Golf Monthly, Ping and meeting Lee Westwood,

As I was part of final shortlist in the Golf Monthly – Ping ‘Play your Best 2012’ challenge, I was hosted by GM-Ping for a meet with Lee Westwood on 9th July 2012.  It was an unbelievable opportunity to meet and interact with Lee.  The event was held at Ping’s HQ in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.

A motley crew of 25 of us turned up from all across the country.  The day started with a Q&A with Lee.  Hosted by Mike Harris (Chief Editor of GM), Lee was very candid and humble about his past and future plans.  It was inspiring to hear his journey from the man himself. I had a few questions for him while trying hard to avoid being too dovey eyed.

Then we moved to a clinic with Lee.  Lee talked us thru some of his shots and how he would go about choosing his clubs, balls etc.  Again, his humour was as good as his club head speed.  Enjoyed the session thoroughly and picked up a few pointers.

We finally moved had an opportunity to play 18 holes at the Karsten Golf Course.  The torrential rain for the past few weeks meant that the course would be closed.  However, as luck would have it, the course was open and we went out.  My four-ball was made of folks trying to break 70 and 90. Meeting the lads was a great thing, but my game was absolutely useless.  The course was waterlogged and the skies opened up mid game.  All the waterproof clothing were useless, when it came to gripping my clubs.  I was consistently missing my putts to the right.  Ended the day, with 19 stableford points.  Not a good result.

While the game was substandard, had tons of fun and learnt a lot.  It was great to meet Lee, GM boys and Ping team.  I hope they do a PYB 2013 and I will surely be applying again.

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2 thoughts on “Golf Monthly, Ping and meeting Lee Westwood,

  1. VK: Good blogs.
    Your next investment has to be in a pair of good golf trousers. You were the only one who met Lee Westwood dressed in jeans! Disappointing from someone who only wears Savile Row suits!

  2. Sunil.. hum thoda hut ke hai… Just to preempt the next question, No I did not play with Jeans on. I did change into my golf gear – though there was more waterproof involved than what I would have liked.

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