Early September competition

There are going to be 2 competitions this month and the early competition was held last Sunday. Only RiG, VK and I showed up – Sunil being out of practice and Pradeep possibly heading out to his regular haunt near Slough.

VK had an early tee off . As is the tradition with our senior golfers, he arrived at quite late and had to head straight to the 1st hole. He was playing off a 9 handicap and had a par round to end up on 42. This despite a blowout on the 2nd hole makes it quite commendable.

Ritesh and I teed off together at 9:00 a.m. for a 4- ball. When I say together, I mean I teed off along with other 2 while Leighton sought him out from the driving range. He rocked up, as per tradition, a little late to the 1st tee box.

Ritesh started well with a par on the 1st and had a decent 6 on the 2nd hole. It was the 3rd hole though where he showed his true power with a beautiful drive landing at the edge of the green. Of course, it took him 3 more putts to finish the job – so ended up with a par. The 4th hole was unspectacular for him with some poor chips.

This brings us to the 5th hole and the reason I am inspired to write this post. If RiG can summon the same luck while buying lottery tickets, he’d be a very rich man. Normally, 5th is a safe par for RiG but this started out as a nightmare. The first shot barely reached the fairway. The 2nd was badly sliced, but luckily it hit a tree and ended up back on fairway. The 3rd was again sent in wrong direction resulting in a lost ball. Luckily again for RiG, rather than getting the correct ruling of having to drop 2 shots, he was told he could have only 1 shot penalty if he re-attempted the shot. So he played the 4th shot which ended up in the rough next to the green. And then, he hit a chip shot ( right direction, wrong pace). The chip hit the post and the ball just dropped into the hole. RiG ended up with a 5 on the hole.

Contrast this with my approach. I teed off using a 5 iron rather than a driver to give myself a good angle for the approach shot. The 2nd shot was slightly misdirected and it clipped off the edge of green and fell into the bunker. From there I scooped it out on the green. All well so far and then it took me 3 putts to finish the job. So a 6 compared to Ritesh’s 5 – if you ever need proof of life’s unfairness, this was it.

There wasnt much to the rest of the game – I played within my limits and ended up with a score of 47 (-2) while Ritesh ended up with a 44 (par). Luck deserted him on the 6th and 8th where he again had to get the ball out of the trees.

It was a good outing and its almost a year to the day when I had my first game (30th Sept 2011 on Maybury if you want to know). My handicap has gone down to 16 and I expect to play off 15 in the next round.


2 thoughts on “Early September competition

  1. Well done PG.. good post.

    I was spectacularly late on Sunday. I had to run from the car park to the tee box, the other two had tee-ed off and the next lot were waiting to tee too!! Leighton stood there with my card.
    Mercifully, I par-ed that first. However, had the biggest embarrassment in a while when the tee shot on the second was a massive heave which just brushed the ball that ended up between my feet & tee. Was +4 after the second hole, so glad to finish the day with a +9.

    RiG has all the luck of the devil, so next time, I am going to get him to pick some lottery numbers for me.

    Good work on your behalf to cut your HC to 15.. Congratulations

  2. Nice blog PG. And well done with the handicap. We started together but you have shown greater commitment and deserve all the praise that is heaped on you. Hope your game continues to improve in the second year. Things will start getting tougher and you will need to up your game. All the very best!

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