A home for blogging

Hello.. welcome to my new home in cyberspace.

Over the years I have written on different websites, blogs or print.

These little pieces of me have been floating around for a while and have never been pulled together in one place. The idea to give them a home came around while on a lunch break with Richard Webb.  While I suffer from sporadic bouts of writing, I realised it might be a good idea to have one site that can act as a home that I can always turn to.  I took Rick Mans advice and did ‘go for it’, but there were several challenges in pulling this site together.

1) Name: I tried finding a name for the site. Something that would represent me and would be unique or catchy or funny or or or.. I did experiment with a few ones.  It was Richard who suggested ‘Permanently Beta’.  Apparently, I had used the words to describe myself at some point in time, and it had stuck with Webby. Indeed  Permanently Beta very much defines me. I like learning new things, taking on fresh challenge and always questioning the steady state. I hope I never stop learning and stay.. well Permanently Beta

2) Content & Structure:  I have written tons of stuff, and a lot of these have disappeared.  I have tried to salvage what I could locate online and have posted it on this site.  Once I had some critical mass of work, I tried to experiment with a few structures.  None of them were perfect, so have settled for something that gives the best results. I will surely be experimenting some more, so brace yourself for an ever changing website.

3) Webskills:  Wordpress was the obvious choice. I had a view on what I wanted to achieve and tried a few themes.  The starting principle was to get the site up and running without spending any money.  Unfortunately, there is only so much that can be achieved with a free website, so i had to be a bit innovative (or use ‘jugad’) to get it to look the way it looks today.  At some point, when I think i have reached the end of my creative streak, I think i will pay for it 🙂

As I was going through some of my old stuff, it was interesting to see how my writing has evolved and how much of it has stayed the same.  From the early days working with Vijay Mukhi in Mumbai writing technical articles to some of my newer works around Social media, Technology and Business, there are some common threads – a desire to be irreverent, a play on words, some topical humor etc.  Some of these aspects work while others have fallen prey to the test of time.  But hey ho, now these have a home and hopefully provide shelter to any of my future work.  I hope those visiting this site will feel to express themselves and add their 2c to this site – and those 2c will go a long way in learn some more.


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