Playing with a Pro..

Rakash  and I played Hampton Court GC with Laks and Rod.  Laks turned Pro last year and plays on the developmental tours like EuroPro, so we jumped at a chance to play with him. My friend Rod from HoeBridge plays off 14. Hampton GC is Laks’s new home course, but the rest of us had not played there.

Tee-ing off at 1:40 it was baking hot. The weather in the last few days has not helped and all the fairways were burnt off grass. The rough was knee high in places and the same colour as the fairways. I struggled to figure out the line to take as the fairway was not visible at places. On the flip side, the hard ground meant that the drives were going miles.

Playing with a Pro meant that we were in for a walloping, However, pleased to say that after 7 holes, I was leading Laks by a stroke. After that I had a disaster and Laks showed what separates the hacker from a Pro. He was consistent and whenever he got into trouble, he just got back right into the game. I had 1 birdie and a few pars, rest were mostly bogies or double (plus 3 absolute blowouts of 9 or so). Got back into the club in 102.

Given the weather and the new course, Rakash also struggled. He was driving well, and on 1 hole out-drove all of us! He had a lovely par, and returned to the club with a 114.

Laks carded a 86 while Rod was late 90s. Deer_HamptonCourt

While we lost in strokeplay, I think stood a better chance in  matchplay/stableford. I cud have claimed the first 7 holes and a few more. It was a joy to watch Laks play, and he has a great swing.

On a different note, not sure if I will return to Hampton Court in a hurry, even though it seemed to be packed with more Deers than golfers.  It is packed with a lot of same-same Par 4s, and the fairways made it difficult to pick a line.  However, the course does favor accuracy rather than being boom-boom.


First earnings on the course

Since taking up golf, I have been very lucky to win several bits & bobs.. this is mainly down to winning longest drive, nearest to pin etc.  It has been a painful process and I guess I have spent far more money & effort to get them.  I have had a few games wherein money was involved  – but these have been mostly involved me in handing over money to someone.

My rookie luck came into play during the June Stablefords.  Playing my first game with Mark Friend, I birdied the 2nd hole on Hoebridge.  With that I was in the running for a payout from the 2-for-2 pot.  The pot is for anyone who shoots a 2 on any hole (provided they have put £2 in the pot at the start of the game).  JuneStableford Money

The payout amounted to £18!!  I think I will have to keep my day job and tiger is unlikely to feel threatened any time soon.  But this £18 definitely feels like a million dollars.


Getting my first official handicap..

In 2011, after the first ‘season’, when I decided to dive into golf, the goal was to get a handicap and then half in 18 months.
While the initial bit was easily achieved via Leighton, the second part was much more difficult. So you can imagine my joy to get my official CONGU handicap of 18!!  Now am officially a Category 3 golfer.

Opening HC: 36 in Aug 2011
Latest HC: 18 in June 2013.


Missed the target, but who cares…

The HC list published on 6th July at Hoebridge listed me on it.

PS: Getting the HC is the easy bit, being able to play to it is an entirely different bucket of balls.