First earnings on the course

Since taking up golf, I have been very lucky to win several bits & bobs.. this is mainly down to winning longest drive, nearest to pin etc.  It has been a painful process and I guess I have spent far more money & effort to get them.  I have had a few games wherein money was involved  – but these have been mostly involved me in handing over money to someone.

My rookie luck came into play during the June Stablefords.  Playing my first game with Mark Friend, I birdied the 2nd hole on Hoebridge.  With that I was in the running for a payout from the 2-for-2 pot.  The pot is for anyone who shoots a 2 on any hole (provided they have put £2 in the pot at the start of the game).  JuneStableford Money

The payout amounted to £18!!  I think I will have to keep my day job and tiger is unlikely to feel threatened any time soon.  But this £18 definitely feels like a million dollars.



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