Finding a new Coach – the_coach

I played Swinley Forest GC at a corporate event a few weeks ago. On the 11th P4, the organising pro comes around and records a video and gives some suggestions. The video can be seen here on the Ubersense site (swing starts around the 29 sec mark)

Anyways, I posted this video to the Golf Monthly forum for comments. There were a few well intentioned comments, but the one with the real meat came from a forum member simple know as the the_coach. the_coach is apparently based in California, plays off a +1 handicap.

The_coach coaches through his/her own involvement with the USGA at state & national level. He tries to play in the (US) national open amateur & state competitions throughout a season plus the three clubs he belong to. It is remarkable that the_coach is taking the time to advice a lot of folks on the GM forum. Irrespective of the fact that I dont know who the_coach is, the advice he provided me is rock solid and I have benefited from it. Since our first contact on the forum, I have exchanged a lot of ideas with him and every bit of advice either via his/her long and well crafted message or video suggestions have worked wonders for me. (For the sake of simplicity, I will address the_coach as a ‘he’)

To keep all the advice in one place, I have started a new blog series imaginatively called ‘The_coach Series’.  The advice pertains to my swing and the_coach’s assessment of it, but some elements are equally applicable to everyone. I have tagged the series with a ‘the_coach’ tag so will be easier to find and here is a quick link too.. Happy learning>>


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