Going thru a club MOT (Session 1)

I have had most of my clubs for about 3 years. I bought these off the peg from Hoebridge or other online retailers.  I wanted to have a full custom fit of my clubs, but dont have the budget for it.  So I decided to do an ‘MOT’ on the clubs and see how the loft & lies are doing.  I tapped Laurence Pawley, who used to work as a Pro at Hoebridge, but has subsequently moved away to set up Golf DNA and Golf Studio at Surbiton.

Golf DNA is located in a building that was actually an old pump house in 1800’s. It has 4-5 water pumps across the room and has been done brilliantly.  The below pic is by another GM Forumer

Golf Studios


Once checked in, Laurence took straight to looking at my current clubs. He started off by checking the balance of my clubs, the true loft & lie and shaft weights whilst talking to me about my game.

Club Actual Loft. Actual Lie. Weight.
Vokey LB 60. 59. 63. D6
TM GW 52. 51. 62. D3
TM PW 45. 63. D3
9i. 40. 64.5. D3.5
8i. 34. 63. D3
7i. 31. 62. D2
6i. 25.5. 61. D4
5i. 25. 61. D3.
Yonex 4-hybrid 22. 22. 62. C8
Baffler 3-hybrid 19. 18. 55. D2


Interesting but not unsurprising, most of the off the peg clubs are not the same as advertised. The lies and the weights are all over the shop too. The 5i is the most interesting one for me as it is exactly the same as my 6i, but I struggle to hit it -maybe it is a tad too long?

Once all of the balancing and loft checking was complete we moved over to their GC2 HMT System. The system is very accurate and loads of fun. If I win the lottery, this is definitely going in the house 🙂

1) First up was the TM Burner 2.0 7i which is a go-to club these days. The balls were a bit right of target but not by much

2) Next up the driver. I am struggling with my driver as I am blocking it to the right or have a good fade (just not enough to call a slice). As i use a Nike Covert with stiff shaft, I had set it to ‘Close’ face… but that was not enough to bring the ball back. I suspect in real life a closed or a Neutral face on my Nike almost makes no difference.

3) I can never hit my Taylormade Burner Superfast 3-W. The stock shaft feels pretty whippy to me. So no surprise that I can put a few revs using the 3-W.


Based on Loft & Lie assessment and the GC2 data, Laurence made the following suggestions
1) Looking at the strike position and the lie angle of the golf clubs we will be adjusting the golf clubs by +3 degrees upright from the original position of the 7 Irons which is 62 moving to 65. This spec will be adjusted throughout the set once they have all been made back to original stock lie position.  This will help with the efficiently of the contact from the clubs, helping increase ball speed from the current club speed.  So the


Club Swing Weight Current Loft Stock Lofts Adjustment  Needed Current Lie Stock Lies Adjustment  Needed

Club Swing Weight Current Loft Stock Lofts Adjustment  Needed Current Lie Stock Lies Adjustment  Needed
60 D6 59 1 60 63 64.5 +1.5
56 D4 56 56 0 63.5 64.5 +1
52 D3 51 52 1 62 64 +2
PW D3 45 45 0 63 63.5 +0.5
9 IRON D3.5 40 41 -1 64.5 63 -1.5
8 IRON D3 34 37 3 63 62.25 -0.75
7IRON D3 31 33 2 62 61.5 -0.5
6 IRON D4 25.5 29 3.5 61 60.75 -0.25
5 IRON D3 25 25 0 61 60.25 -0.75
22 HYB C8 22 22 62 60 -2
19 HYB D2 18 19 55 59.75 4.75
3W E0 15.7 15 58 58 0
DRIVER D4 13.4 11.5 57 59 +2

>> Once this baseline is created, the second session will be about adjusting the lofts of the clubs to suit my swing

2) The grips I recommend that you have a progressive increased taper to help you rotate the clubs at impact. This will be done by thickening under the top of the grips to allow you to have a free moving right hand to get the ball to start straighter.

>> This is a tad controversial to me and I think I need to address this via lessons and technique rather than equipment change.  I ran it past the_coach who had similar views.  I will post his views under the_coach series

3) The 3 wood is currently spinning too much and I recommended a stiff shaft for this. We will be replacing it with a Matric Ozik 6Q3 Red Tie in Stiff to keep the spin down and decrease the current torque in the shaft to keep the clubs deflection at impact down.

>> This was a no brainer. My only concern is the stiffness of the shaft and its suitability.  But will know more during the second session

4) The SW will be regrooved to improve grip

5) All the grips are being changed over to Golf Pride ones

To sum up… it was an eye opener session for me. It also underlines the importance of getting clubs custom fitted to needs.  NO WAY I am going back to off the peg clubs in a hurry.


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