The_coach Series: #1 The_coach analyses my drive

I played Swinley Forest GC at a corporate event a few weeks ago. On the 11th P4, the organising pro comes around and records a video and gives some suggestions.  The hole is the 11th P4, playing 277y off the yellows – though we are a bit more forward than that. The flag can be seen straight down the line and is protected by bunkers. I was hoping to go right and lay up. The shot went straight at the flag and nearly reached the green, but then ran back down into the bunker. Had a terrible time there (but that is another story) The video can be seen here on the Ubersense site (swing starts around the 29 sec mark)

Anyways, I posted this video to the Golf Monthly forum for comments.  There were a few well intentioned comments, but the one with the real meat came from a forum member simple know as the the_coach (More about the_coach here)

His initial assessment of the swing video


No reason given your physical shape that should not allow you to change your swing, that would depend on how much you wanted too.  There are a bunch of things you could do that would put you in a better position to put a better swing through the ball to get much better result, but that would mean changes. Just refining what you already have some is not going to change the results over much I’m afraid.

There is no reason that any developed ‘cricket’ muscles would prohibit you to make the changes necessary, that’s more to do with the ‘muscle’ between the ears, your desire & commitment to putting the necessary work needed in.

I can write up what you’d need to be thinking of & in what order, to give you a better swing shape & path to get you better more consistent results, & point you in the direction of a few things you can look at to help that.

Changes needed would go back to basic fundamentals & basic concepts of how you think about the swing, that it happens on an ‘inclined plane’, the club head being swung around the body, helps if you think of it in more of a circular route.

The club head needs to move back, then inside & up, then it needs to move downwards, then out & forwards, & with an iron downwards, with a driver upwards – achieved by ball position, through impact, then the club head goes back inside & up. Currently this isn’t really happening as it should be in your swing motion.

There’s ‘a bit’ to write up, so let me know if it’s something you’d want to do, if it is, I’d be able to do that for you, no problem. There’s no real quick fix, but working through it wouldn’t be that difficult either.

… with that message my journey with the_coach started..

Update on the swing analysis>>

It’s about getting the fundamentals in better shape to bale able to deliver better impact conditions more consistently

But it will mean you working to get the club shaft in a much better position over your right shoulder at the top, currently you, as you know are a ways too inside & flat with your arm plane being way beneath your shoulder plane & the way your right arm bends moves inside & back means you are so low with the left arm being blocked by your body, which is way you can only get the club half way back with the hands below your shoulders, so very very short & quick.  Afraid it would mean working to change this for you to get where you want to get to.

Anyways just something to think of, one of the problems at the moment is how your right arms moves back, tight to your body but also a ways back behind you. Grip could be partly responsible for this so shy I asked for pic, in case you were wondering. So for you when going back you’ll need to feel that your right arm works back more in front of your body turn, right arm will ‘feel’ straight to you but it won’t be. 

The first check point would be when the club is first parallel to the ground (hands at hip height) the shaft is parallel to your toe line, the ball/target line & the ground. As you make this move to here your hands/wrists do nothing so going back to here the club head is ‘outside’ of your hands. It’s only when the shaft is in this position that the left hand/wrist cocks ‘upwards’ whilst the right hand/wrist folds back on it self.

I’m going to send you three vids I’d like to look closely at, & if you can work on, not hitting any balls, you can do it at home if you have a bit of space.

1) The first explains how the left hand/wrist sets 7 the right hand folds, the guy gets a little tongue tied in parts but it is clear.
The second I’ll send explains how the right arm should work to get you in a better top of backswing position & also how it works through impact.

2) In this vid pay close attention to how the arms shoulders move the club away to the first parallel position, notice how the club head going back is outside his hands, then how the hands set (set as in the hand set vid) see how half way back the hands are in the middle of his chest (not behind the line of his back), and notice the shaft plane at this position, if you drew a line out of the grip end it would point to the ball/target line & not a ways over it to the other side of the ball/target line.

3) This vid shows how we need to get the right arm to work, at the moment it’s not only a ways too tight to your side but it’s bending early & moving back behind you. This means you’re not only a ways flat & too far back behind you, but also a ways to narrow not enough width moving away from the ball to hip height.

If you have the slow-mo app you can see this in your swing vid, if not if you hit pause as soon as you start away you’ll be able to see just how far ‘backwards’ behind you it’s moving this is what gets you a whole ways over flat & your left arm blocked from going back by your body.
If you look at the freeze of your end of back swing you’ll see your hands are a good ways behind your back, at this height when your left arm is parallel to the ground your hands should look as if they are opposite the middle of your chest, so more ‘out’ in front of the body turn not stuck behind you, your left arm when here parallel to the ground therefore needs to be out more in line with your toe line not pointing behind you



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