The_coach Series: #3 Changing the swing

I did some videos while playing the 9 hole Shey Copse.  Ritesh was on the Blackberry camera – so thanks to him.. Also we had some good Brit weather during the round. I edited the videos to add slo-mo

1) On the 3nd hole… topped to about 150y with a moosive slice

2) On the 5th hole.. Pulled it, but got the distance

3) Finally on the 8th hole, got my swing right.. carried it 223y, which was fairly decent for this weather.


the_coach> Here’s a drill to work on about the note on the upper body moving ahead of centre at the same time the lower body does.

Do the drill a few times with the 8i, then switch up to the driver, driver setup as discussed earlier, & with just an easy 75% effort, don’t try to kill it, swing through feeling the same motion as in the drill. Swing a few times with the driver, then go back to the 8i repeat the drill, then switch back again.

You should get to feel it’s a little easier to keep your upper body head & back as your arms hands & club swing past your upper body through the strike feeling your right arm straighten through strike & you get that extension then up into a balanced finish.

A little on the same note, an easy drill, as long as you do it right! To help keep the upper body back through impact so you’ve not let it move forward to make you arms come up, flip hands & get the collapsed chicken wing left arm past impact.  You get to stay upper body behind so your arms hand & club swing past your upper body to get good extension through the ball then up into a balanced finish, Again when you do this just do it an easy 75% swing speed so you can better feel the sequence.


the_coach then mailed me some more thoughts after reviewing my videos from Shey

Had a quick look. Will look again if i can in more detail. Good to see the swing length is a lot better & from front on the arms going back don’t looked blocked by the chest. But can’t see how far inside there traveling obviously from this angle. You’ll need to keep checking your grip matches the videos I sent so your hands/wrists can work as they should again can’t really check from this angle. But a much better backswing & a good healthy swing through impact so that’s good.

If you get chance to see any of the golf from Quail (Hollow hosting the Wells Fargo PGA tournament) & can record some front on driver address position. Check the relationship of their left arm to club shaft & ball position. Also see how the left side of body & leg are somewhat straight, the left knee not angled in to centre stance, the right yes, the left no. So you’ll see what’s called a reverse K, the right knee a tad in to centre (as yours is) but not the left knee which your knee does. Hope you can get the drift of that. I’ll have a look for some pics & send when I can.

Always difficult to be sure given the angle being shot from, does look as if you may have the ball position more off the toes of the foot rather than the left heel.

One thing that is noticeable from front on is there seems to be somewhat of a bit of a bend going on in the left arm at address, as if you have a deal of give in you left elbow? Whilst the left arm shouldn’t be ramrod stiff & locked at the elbow is does need to be straight but relaxed without having any real give in the elbow.

Whilst the right arm needs to have a little ‘give’ in the elbow, not bent, just soft as opposed to straight so the right arm if viewed from the DTL view is lower than the right, looking from that view (if you have a look in the mirror at home) you’d just see the top of the left forearm over the right.

This situation allows you to set up with your driver so not only you’re more likely to have square shoulder alignment (can’t tell exactly from front on if your shoulders square to ball target line) but importantly you have a spine tilt away from target, you could do with a tad more spine tilt away (talking only of the driver here)

The spine tilt’s important because when you start the move back down to the ball the right shoulder then can work downwards first which is crucial in being able to keep your upper body back of the ball, while you lower body bumps forwards slightly laterally with the hips then the hips turn.  So at transition there’s that disassociation between lower & upper body movement.

If you look closely you’ll see your upper body moves away towards the target so your sternum, center gets slightly ahead, so both your lower body & upper body is moving to target at the same time. (check the last slow-mo video (edit: Vid #3 of me on the 8th tee), you can tell easier if you look at the relationship as you swing of your upper body against the tree trunk behind you)  This upper body left movement is causing your hands to flip a tad coming into impact by that I mean your left wrist collapses the right flips under & upwards palm going to sky which is why you see a bit of a chicken wing after impact in your left arm.

If you keep that upper body back right shoulder moving downwards, under & through against a firm left leg hip cleared you feel that your left wrist at impact will be flat arm & club more in a straight line at impact & the palm of the right hand will be facing target (rather than working under palm more under facing the sky in the flip positions) so then your arms club will have some of the extension you see, rather than being a bit narrow with the left elbow working outwards first to give you that chicken wing.

Guess this seems like a lot, hope you get the drift of all of it after you’ve read it through a few times. More stuff to go at but don’t be disheartened because it’s a ton better than the swings I first saw. if you’re unsure about any of the above just send the question/s & i’ll get to them soon as I’m able.

Keep doing the drills, keep on top of getting the grip correct can’t stress how important that is, really check out the address position, the reverse K, particularly the left leg, left arm & spin tilt away from target, & watch that ball position isn’t creeping to far forward off the big toe. This address position notes here just about the driver obviously.


Just shows the amount of effort the_coach has done in analysing my basics… Again, the advice is pertinent to my game and as the_coach says it won’t really necessarily be relevant to anyone else in exactly the same way. (the_coach) wouldn’t want folks to be mislead to think that here was a cure all for anyone as that would be a little misleading…. Again, THANKS A TON THE_COACH


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