The_coach series: #4 Taking it to the game

Took some of the advice that the_coach gave him.. (Rookie mistake alert) Unfortunately decided to implement it during the monthly medal rather than try on the range first. Mixed result as I had too many swing thoughts.. Keep hands straight, don’t rotate till I go past the legs etc

  1. Topped the opening tee into OOB.
  2. My irons started flying longer.. I hit my 8i about 135y, on our 8th I had about 140 to flag. Gave my 8i a good heave and saw it go spot on but then fly past and come to rest on the cart path beyond.. So easily travelled about 150y
  3. Nearly shot an eagle after hitting the flag about 190y downhill with my 5i – a club I almost never take out of the bag
  4. First time on the green this year on out 200y uphill P3 with my 3hybrid – another club I don’t use to tee off
  5. Driver was very unpredictable but when it got up, would always go to the right – either blocked to right or just fade.
  6. Did not get past the ladies on 15th resulting in a sharp intake of breath from the playing partners

Finished with 30 points and HC went up by .1. Nevertheless was a good outing and all credit to the_coach. Looks like a few things are still WIP. Also need to look at the stiffness of the driver shaft (I have a standard stiff shaft on my Nike Covert)

the_coach’s view:

Pretty impossible to take changes straight out to the course, there’s no quick cure. Luke Donald been working on swing changes for probably almost a year now & it’s still work in progress.

If you can keep working on the things I outlined to you, you will improve a good ways. As you’ve seen already it’s made a difference in a few of your shots when you’ve got nearer the positions & swing plane so the club isn’t behind you with the arm plane to low & blocked by the body in original ‘half’ backswing you can see in the vid. 

Working on grip, aim, alignment, the takeaway out more in front of you & the set of the wrists to get the shaft on a better plane so at the top the clubs shaft is over your right shoulder, all the stuff I mentioned before.

Even the few times you got near this already out on the course you can see the difference it makes to both distance & accuracy, so you can see a glimpse of the potential that’s there for you.

It’s just down to whether you have the patience & discipline to stick with working on these changes over time. It takes some dedication but depends really how much you want to improve.
Stay with the swing motion you had & you’ll always pretty much get pretty similar results, put some work in & you have already seen where it could be possible for you to get to. So good luck with it.

… Indeed.. plan to stay with it.. Bring on the summer.


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