The_Coach Series: #6 Debating the club grips

As per my previous blog about getting my clubs MOT , I had a long debate around putting tapes under my grips.  I am struggling with blocking my drives or adding a fade or worse case a slice. We put the irons and Drivers on GC2 and ran some numbers. One of the things we realised that my iron is 0.1 open at impact while my Driver seems to be open between 7 to 10 degrees!!  Laurence’s view was that I am not rolling my hands over enough. The problem is accentuated on longer clubs. He suggested that I should consider using extra tape under my left hand. Not a lot but he will start building it up from 6 or 5i and take it up to the driver. Is that a good approach?

The_coach’s view> Not something I recommend you doing. You’re getting the shot pattern you are I’m afraid all down to the swing path & particularly the body motion, if you go back my notes of your upper body moving laterally a ways at the start of the downswing, (you see it against the tree trunk in the background) plus too much weight on the right side into impact means your hands flip & left arm collapses kinda chicken wing so the club face is open & you dont’ get to square it up so ball goes right, or you flip too much, with hands too active & it goes a ways left.

Gotta bite the bullet, get aligned properly, not aim left, & feel you swing to the right some through the ball but with your weight on you left foot at start of downswing & on the left side through impact, not hanging back on the right a ways, & with your upper body & head behind the ball so you swing those arms & the club through & past your sternum & head.

No other way, you have too change what you’re doing to get the change you’re looking for, sorry but there is no other way. This is what your Pro should be addressing.

Tape under grip or stuff like that is fine to fine tune a swing thats already working the right ways. But you gotta get those fundamentals correct before you travel down that kinda route. Bubba or a Pro fine tuning their grip thickness or fine tuning their shafts is all good for them, but no real great help to an Am handicap golfer.

Sorry but no real ‘magic pill/bullet cure’ gotta work on the static fundamentals (grip, aim, alignment, ball position, posture) to make sure these all in the right kinda shape from the get go, then gotta work on the correct movements to give you the correct swing motion in the correct sequence. There is no other way. 

Probably not the answer you wanted, but a real truthful one. Hope you can understand my last notes on your swing, if you can & work to them you’ll get in much better shape, but it’ll take a bit of work & always difficult changing something you got used to doing but the ball telling you that ain’t working. Afraid Einstein absolutely right on this one!

Me> This was a new concept that I hadnt heard before so ran it past you. I am happy to work on improving my swing rather than try a quick fix. My worry is that I am delivering the face in the range of 7 to 10 degrees open – and that was with the adjustable Driver face set to ‘Close’!!!!!

Another thing that we want to look at is the length of driver. We did not measure it, but i suspect the driver is the full 48′ and I wonder if reducing the length so that I have better control

The_coach’s view>

Try changing the swing motion & work with your Pro on getting the fundamentals in better shape before you put wraps under the grip. 

Would guess the shaft length would be around 46″, 47″ max not the 48″ you think. When you measure it, you can do it at home, the measurement is the whole of the club including head, so you’d measure from the bottom of the sole at heel end to end of grip, not just shaft. These ‘shaft’ measurements from the OEM’s are the ‘whole’ of the lever, but I’d be real surprised if it was much longer than 47″.  If the shaft is ‘too long’, all you have to do, for now, & what most Pro’s would advise is to simply to choke down the grip a couple inches so you got say 2″ or 1&1/2″ grip showing at top of your hands when you’re working with driver or 3 metal.

See what this does to your control during the swing, if it helps you gain control some, then work with it & play with it griped like that. Then some time later if it feels right, get it cut. But for me important you work with it choked first, play with it for a good while first. If you gain better control you may well find overtime as the swing motion gets better you can move your hands back up, if you’ve chopped it you obviously couldn’t.

The only way to stop slice is working on swing sequence to get that better to change the shape & direction of your swing path & square the face up. Grip aim alignment, ball position, posture all really crucial, before you even move the club back any.

Then you gotta change the swing shape, so it’s not over steep. (do that by weight left start of downswing don’t start down with the club arms & shoulders then keep your head upper body behind the ball, behind the strike so you feel the arms swinging past your body) That ways the swings lowest point is going to be in the correct place, so the swing shallows out with driver before the ball & there’s some width there through the strike more a “U” shape than an over-steep “v”.

Plus the path needs to change to start with, to get some change with the big stick you’ll very much need to feel you’re swinging a ways from the inside through the ball & out right some, exaggerate that feel. You’ll no doubt feel it’s way ways right but it won’t actually be if you saw it on a video, it’s just you’re so used to it swinging through a good ways to the left coming from outside to in, so you need to do the polar opposite.

On the takeaway, so you can swing through from the inside on the downswing you’re going to need to feel the club head moves straight back from the ball (not inside at all) then feel your left thumb set ‘up’ to the sky halfways back, & feel the club go ‘up’, (but not by lifting your arms up!) goes up because you turn your shoulders, left shoulder to under your chin, so the shaft is atop of your right shoulder at the top of your backswing.

This will all feel really strange, but only because of what you’ve been used to doing beforehand. But as Einstein says, you have to change to effect change, can’t keep doing the same things expecting change cause you ain’t going to get it, you get the same results you always done. Insanity not good for the golf swing, ha!



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