The_coach series: #7 Figuring out the wedge gaps

As part of the MOT, I was planning to adjust the lofts on my wedges to ensure that I have a consistent gap between them.  So naturally I had to ask the_coach for his view:

Me> Since there is a big gap between PW and GW… i am thinking of

  1. PW: My PW is 45  >> Leaving it unchanged
  2. GW: Making my 52 stronger and convert it to 50.
  3. SW: Making my 56 SW into a 55
  4. LW: Convert this into a 60

That way I get a constant 5 degree difference between my wedges. What would you suggest. But I am not fully convinced of using a 55 as a SW… is it too strong (or can I change the lie to compensate)

the_coach’s view>

I am assuming you have, 45º,51º,56º,59º as four wedges, if so although that means gaps 6º,5º,4º respectively, there’s no real point in changing any of these at all, they will do you fine, until the swing gets better or you decide to change your clubs. The club that needs to change is the 6i, am assuming that’s happening.

The GC2 numbers are pretty much in line with what I’d expect to see (the nearer any smash factor number with any club is to 1.49 is the way to read that value if you work on a GC2 periodically, take 1.49 as your ‘ideal’ – but obviously it’s also relevant to centered hit, face angle, path, AoA, etc.) given your current swing motion, swing path etc.

Once you have the 6i changed, it’s not about the clubs anymore, but setting about in a good controlled & precise way a good deal of practice along the lines of guidance I’ve suggested.  Getting the game better is all about getting the swing sequence working better & the swing path in better shape & direction than it is now. You have to start by getting all the ‘static’ fundamentals correct before you move the club. This is something that’s fairly easy to achieve as long as you’re precise & rigorous every time you aim & set-up.

Here’s a couple of on the face of it seemingly innocuous drills, but to get them right is a good ways harder to do then they look. Doing both would be of great value to you, to help change your swing path direction & shallow-out a ways your angle of attack into the ball. At the moment you’d need to do them often to start to effect the changes needed, & keep doing them.

The feet together drill you’ll find difficult to do (start with the ball teed down just above ground with an 8i it’s not about distance but about getting the feeling of the correct sequence & motion – I’d advise loading them on your phone/tablet so you can check the movement against what your doing at the range so you have a constant reminder as you’re practising) given your current motion.

But in order to start squaring the club up & feeling the arms swing past your centre (sternum & head) to get your arms extending on the right path both through after impact to stop the flip & left arm collapse, you’ll need to get this drill down & do it often. The ‘under arm throw’ drill will help you feel how your right shoulder should work down & under & through, so not out & over & left as it does now. Will help with swing path & squaring the face up plus shallowing out the AoA, all things you will need to do to stop the slices & other stuff you have going on at the moment.

You definitely don’t really want a SW less than 56º.  So you having a 6º gap then 5º then 4º isn’t going to make a difference over much that really warrants changing a club’s loft by 1º or 2º.  Just isn’t necessary, some time in the future when you change clubs you can get the wedge system you want either 3 or 4 club wedge system with uniform gaps between.

You’ll have to spend a good deal of time on the drills & swing changes etc. before you notice any great change, out on the course the swing motion will tend to go back to what you been used to doing. Take a deal of hard work on misery hill to effect the changes needed, just going to take some proper dedication & some time.

‘Tweaking’ the other wedges isn’t at all necessary at this stage. Most Ams find using a 60º wedge a good ways difficult, particularly to deliver such a lofted face to get a consistent & solid strike. Upping the 60º further not really a good idea. 

For what it’s worth to be really honest about all of this, you’d be a good ways better off putting your time effort & energy into some good structured practice. It’s how you can deliver the face of any club through impact rather than a 1º or 2º degree change in loft on any club. It’s about delivering a centered consistent strike & good ‘dynamic’ loft through impact that gets true flight, miss center often & the ‘gear’ effect (spin axis 2) kicks in so you’re not delivering the loft of the club anyways, a degree or two on a ‘tweaked’ club makes no difference.

As always the_coach delivers a true assessment. The pill is bitter, but the patient needs it.


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