The_Coach Series: #8 Pulling left

I have practising the ‘feet closed 8iron’ drill to see how I can rotate my arm. This was to ensure that I dont push/block the ball right with my irons.  I took it to my game the other day and had an interesting time.

  1. For my driver,  I moved the ball left and tried to keep the left side straight and the weight behind >> Result ball starting left and coming back, never blocked anything right and started to see my distances come back
  2. For my irons: I had a terrible terrible outing as I started pulling everything!!

So I dropped a note to the_coach, who responded with a:

the_Coach’s view>>

Good you starting to see some improvement by the cutting down of the really destructive shots.

The drill with the 8i is about upper body staying behind the ball & having the arms club swing past the body but this is happening while the body is turning through impact, so the hands shouldn’t ‘roll’ as such.   

Have another look at the drill plus have a look at the video on how the hands set {the left sets differently from the right, left thumbs sets upwards then downwards through impact there’s no roll} you’ll see there’s no hand roll in a golf swing they only ‘appear’ to have rolled in the follow through because of the body pivot. The arms gently rotate because they’re attached to you shoulders & a torso thats turning.

The shots are being pulled with any club, driver to wedge, or starting left then turning right, because the swing path must still be a ways out to in (over the top of plane). This more than likely will be because your upper body (instead of lower body) is starting the downswing & also upper body moving laterally some ways towards target (look at your swing, upper body movement you can see going laterally left against the visual of the tree trunk behind you)  (EDIT: It is amazing that the_coach remembered the advice he gave me a few weeks ago!!)

In this swing your upper body shouldn’t be moving laterally left at the start of the downswing, the shoulders should be turning down & through to impact so it wouldn’t be until after impact that the upper body moves through left towards target. Will send a simple drill you do without a ball to get the feeling of how the right shoulder right arm moves down & through impact whilst the head & upper body remains behind the ball until the club arms have passed into the follow through.

So you understand the no ‘roll’ with hands better, try this.  Get a short iron, stand in front of a mirror, hold the club out right in front of you shaft horizontal to the ground club at around waist height (bit like a baseball height just a tad lower) but in your address spine angle. 

Now do absolutely nothing with your hands & arms don’t set or roll them in any way, don’t swing the club back it’s just horizontal right in front of you. Just simply turn your left hip as you would & in your spine posture simply turn/pivot your torso towards ‘target’ so the club is still at waist height but now pointing to target, no turning over or moving of the hands at all.

If you now look at your hands/wrists in relation to how they looked at the start from the position directly in front of you you’ll see they ‘look’ now as if your have turned or rolled your hands over, but you know if you’ve done what I wrote all you did was simply turn you hip & rotate your torso, the hands rolled position in the through swing is an optical illusion.  Towards the end of this video, this guy actually does the example of holding the club out in front of you & turning through to show the ‘rolling’ doesn’t really happen at all.

This is exactly what I mean about rolling the wrists being an illusion to a great extent.   If any one should succeed in ‘rolling the wrists’, all it would do would create before actual impact a very closed face, so you’d ‘pull’ or pull hook the ball a great deal. 

UPDATE: A few weeks later the_coach provided some more inputs

First glance might well seem this small chipping drill doesn’t have a lot to do with impact with a full swing, but … if you can get this feeling at impact, as shown in this small chipping drill, it’ll help clear what release through impact really is.

Put the rods down (or clubs) & it’s something doing a little every week will sure help a bunch. It looks easy, but it’s not, to do it properly anyways, but it’s worth it for sure.

Once you can do it exactly the way it’s described, get decent contact a shots going straight. Then with a full swing with an 8i at 75% (off of a small tee if you want) feel you get the same impact position you did with this small drill, hips open, weight left, upper body head etc, feeling the body turn ‘square’ the face, feeling the club get parallel left (as in the drill) before it goes upwards to a balanced finish.

Be well worth you investing the time on it. A great little drill for sure.


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