The_coach series: #10 Course Management (Part 1)

I asked the_coach if he had any tips on course management.  I tend to play some holes very well but then ‘blob’ some of the others.  I can go around a course with Par/Bogies and a occasional Birdie, but the same card will have holes that are quad or more bogies!!  Below is the_coach’s view

The_coach’s view>>

  1. Course management is really just knowing the hole you’re about to play and seeing which side of the fairway gives you the best/safest approach angle to the green.
  2. Always better to simply play for the center of any green, you hit that you’re never going to be to far away from the pin. Rather than playing for the pin & going in the bunker/water you were attempting to fly right over. 
  3. Course management is really about knowing what level your skill is at, & playing within that, not attempting miracle shots you have only a very slim chance of succeeding with. Trying ‘career’ best shots is how you rack up the big scores. 
  4. Have a considered plan prior to your round & stick to it, most Pro’s & top amateurs don’t simply reach for the driver as a matter of course & we are not influenced by what our playing partners are doing. 
  5. The old maxim of playing one shot at a time, staying in the present, not dwelling over bad shots & getting down but neither being over exuberant over good shots, enjoy it sure but just stay level emotionally.
  6. Switch off between shots, switch back on & concentrate on the shot in hand on approach to the shot. (It is) impossible to concentrate solid for 3, 4 hours plus.
  7. Don’t allow good play to get you counting about to finish with the best score ever & beat your handicap when you only half way around or as sure as the sun sets the good round will unravel.

Some interesting to adopt into my game indeed…



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