The_coach series: #9 Footwork drill

The_coach sent me a drill video to continue working on my lower and upper body separation. I find it tough as I was starting to get a rhythm with my golf swing.  But I am happy to spend more time getting my basics right rather than go for quick fix.

The_Coach’s view>>

This video comes under ‘footwork’ & it’s that he’s talking about here, I haven’t sent you the wrong one. You’ll here him also talk about the right shoulder & arm working down & under from the top whilst the left arm holding the upturned driver prevents the upper body head moving laterally ahead of the ball position towards target. 

It’s this I want you to be able to experience if you can understand & get it, it will help you a good deal, as it will help get the swing path in better shape coming from slightly inside to square instead of out to in 7 the pulls. The footwork part of it comes as a bonus as it’s also something that need’s to happen in a good & balanced swing motion.

Good to do this drill before any range work, you can also use the drill just holding the left arm out in front of you (no driver there) as he does towards the end of the video, something you can do while out on the course as a reminder, quietly to the side of the tee box during a round to get the feel of what you need you swing like for a good shot outcome.


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