The_coach series: #2 Getting the golf grip sorted

Having the right grip is crucial in golf, so the_coach asked me for pics of my grip

the_coach> What would help too, do you have a close-up front on pic of your grip, & a front on pic of address, or even better a front on swing vid would that includes the club head at the ‘top’ of your swing. Anyways PM me & we’ll go from there. Though don’t forget a series of lessons with a good PGA Pro who uses a launch monitor to teach would be a great way to go, you’d just have to let him know you’d want to start from scratch. But I am happy to help anyways.

Me>  I posted some pics of my grip (will update the blog with it later)

the_coach> Grip doesn’t look in too bad shape. Couple of vids here just for you to have a look at on that subject, as to where the handle lies in the hands.  From the angle of the last pic bit hard to tell whether the left hand is a tad too far turned to the left.

Here is how to set your left hand grip

Here’s the right hand grip:


So back to the drawing boards..



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