The_Coach Series: #11 Ball position & alignment

After my club MOT, I had a few doubts about my ball positions, so I thought I will ask the_coach for his opinion on it. Similarly last weekend PG mentioned that I was aligning myself far too left so lobbed that question to the_coach too.  So here we go with the answers

Ball Position

Me> These days I play ALL my irons & hybrids slightly forward of centre such that the club shaft is very straight at address.  Driver off the left heel and my 3W also going off the centre.

The_coach’s view> In my view,

  1. wedges-9i middle stance,
  2. 8i to 5i a ball forward of middle,
  3. 4i.3i. any hybrid half a ball forward again,

For all the swings for the irons & hybrids the intent is to hit ball first lowest point of the arc couple inches target side of ball, so given the slightly different ball positions there’ll be more of a divot with the wedges 9i target side of the ball, then slightly less divot with 8i thru to 5i, slightly less again with 3i, 4i & hybrids but they’ll still be some ground contact after the ball.

  1. Then driver off the left heel, sometimes helps to think of it opposite your left armpit instead, guards against maybes sometimes having the left foot too far left so if you use the left heel in this case the ball could be too far forward, whereas the left armpit will always be in the same place. Driver swing is swinging up through the ball because it’s on a high tee (balls equator just above the drivers crown) lowest point of swing arc 3″ or so before the driver gets to the ball.
  2. Then 3 metal you’d want a 3 metal heads width from your left heel or armpit.  3 metal is still a slight downwards swing so ball & first scuff the ground target side of the ball, don’t try & sweep it level as the ball is on the ground you’ll nearly always scuff ground before ball to some extent & then not get a clean strike.


Me> Over the past few months, I thought I was getting my alignment sorted and was not having any difficulty with it.  However, played with PG last weekend and he mentioned that I was aligning myself far left of target.  I am not sure why that is happening. It may have something to do with me trying to compensate for the block that I am developing for my swing.  Here is the_coach’s view on getting the alignment sorted.

The_coach’s view>

On alignment, pick your target line from behind the ball, pick a spot couple feet in front of the ball in line with target, line these three thing up, keep looking at this line of three as you walk round to the side of the ball, PLACE CLUB FACE SQUARE TO THIS LINE FIRST – it’s hugely important you don’t place feet in position first. If you put your feet in the stance before you line up the face to your target line 99% of the time you won’t be lined up correctly.

Any shots that go left go left likely because your swinging from outside to in, so swinging left with club face looking left & square to that leftwards path you’ll hit a pretty straight pull, often mostly with the shorter irons & wedges. Same swing path with the longer clubs, out to in, swinging left can pull too but quite often here the face remains a tad open to the leftwards path so they start left & curve slightly or greatly back to the right. But all part of the same thing, being aimed further left of target exasperates this, need to square up alignment & feel your swinging out to the right.



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