The_Coach Series: #12 The Pelvic bend rather than waist bend

Posture is very important in golf.  So we got talking about how to get into good posture.

the_coach>> One last thing but very important,  you don’t ever bend to get you spine angle from the waist, never ever, that’ll give you a real bad posture,  You bend from your hip sockets, which is a few inches lower done than the waist, this is extremely important. If you bend from the waist you can’t make a proper upper body coil.

Needless to say, that got me confused so,

Me>> Sorry, I am not sure how that is different? If I bend from the waist, I am physically bending from my hips.. or have I got it wrong???

the_coach>> If you bend just from the waist, waist is where your belt would be, you can’t make a complete body pivot/turn. Try it just turn from the waist, guarantee you won’t be able to make a proper 90º turn, only way doing this to get left shoulder under chin is if you create a proper turn by tilting the spine the wrong way towards target.

Our anatomy is such that the spine is connected to the pelvis at around hip socket level, it’s only at this connection point that the upper body can rotate from properly, the waist is some inches above this point.

Take a club hold it horizontal across your pelvis then press it gentle so it’s at the hip sockets, bend forwards you should feel naturally where this position is, there’s a sort of ‘hollow’ at the hip socket just at the top of the legs almost. It’s from here, the hips, hip sockets you bend from to get the forward spin angle & the posture that allows you to turn properly.

So this got me thinking and interested.  I had not thought about the difference between waist and pelvic.  I guess most pros use the words interchangeably too. I think my turn is somewhere in the middle. When I do a full pelvic bend, I seem to be getting off balance, so may need to straighten a bit more. I had a bit of a dig around the Pelvic bend bit and interestingly the 2 videos that I liked was from the new usual suspects

Mark Crossfield on the bend (only the first bit of the video):

And this one, a more interesting one from MeandMyGolf. However, when I tried it, it was fairly difficult and I was doing a Happy Gilmore around the house. But it does tell your brain to start looking at a different sequence.  So will be revisiting it again



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