The_coach Series: #13 Taking on the course (and winning)

Got my clubs back from the loft & lie fittings. As my yardages are now all over the shop, I took the clubs out for a casual few holes so that I could look at how the clubs perform in real condition. I have also made some swing changes based on the_coach’s advice

  • Driver – 238, 245, 254>> The 254y was on the 8th hole of Shey Copse. First time I have driven the green on a Par 4. Missed my 15 feet (first) eagle putt!! No change in kit, all the distances down to swing changes. Ball moved towards left armpit, body behind it & start with lower body. Club face now set to ‘Neutral’. Ball goes straight as a bullet or starts left and finishes back in line. Sliced one when I over thought the left knee
  • 3Wood – 219 >> In the past I could never hit my whippy 3W. Now it has a Matix Red Tie stiff shaft. Went straight as a rocket. Again started downswing with left left knee
  • 4hybrid – 178 >> Lie was changed. Could have been longer, but it landed off the fairway and started dying. This was back to old habits and blocked the ball right.
  • 6i-168 >> Now about 5y gained, still some bad habits as ball starting left and staying left
  • 7i-150 >> gained about 15yds (but I think there is a fair bit of roll) still some bad habits as ball starting left and staying left
  • 52 wedge -100 >> Could not be more perfect
  • 60 wedge – 66 >> Could not be more perfect, exact yardage as we saw on the GC2 HMT

I did duff a few shots, esp the longer ones as I was trying to overthink my swing during the swing itself – Never a good idea. Whenever I get my sequencing correctly, I am able send it much longer. Enjoyed the driver and glad that the 3W is back in play. The leadbetter drill (see below)has been a game changer. It is tough, but seems to be working for me.


the_coach’s view>>

Cool, good stuff, glad you are starting to get there, always good to feel the improvements are beginning to take shape. Critical lower body starts transition & the upper body & head stays behind the ball, as you feel your arms swing past your body, extension with both arms after impact.

Keep it going, will take some hard work but you can see it’ll pay off, key is to really be disciplined & monitor yourself so you don’t slip back in to old comfortable, but wrong ways. Bound to happen sometimes, but now you have a better idea of where you need to get back too.

Ball starting left still means the swing a little out to in, swinging left, the ones that pull means the face is square to that leftwards path, the ones that fade means the club a tad open to that leftward path, slice it’s a ways open to the same path left.

Drill>> When you get some time at the range, pick a target put a rod or club down just in front of your toes parallel to the target line & the other side of where you’ll be hitting balls from put another rod/club down but this one points right of the target line some 20º say.

Line up as you should say start with a 7i, make your backswing start transition with lower body keep head 7 upper body behind ball but feel you swing out to the right following this 20 or so degree path.

You might hit a few strange ones at first but stick with it, remember just swing right along this path echoing that right angled rod, & don’t try to do anything extra with your hands at impact.

You should after a short while start to hit some nice little draws, when you’ve hit a few, move up to the hybrid do the same, then 3 metal, maybe even a few drivers all with the same intention with both the rod at target in front of toes & the rod to the right the other side of the ball still there so you get used to the takeaway going straighter back starting transition with the lower body upper body staying behind the ball & swinging (not hitting, no ‘murdering’ just a balanced swing)

Good luck with it all, enjoy.


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