Coach advice – The crocodile and giraffe..

More advice from the coach

At this early stage it more has to be about fun & see what engages him, the brain at this age is very malleable in it’s plasticity & kids generally learn quicker in a visual way, they are great copyists – just about gently encouraging them to look at ‘good’ examples for as long as the attention span allows – usually not so long – so best done in small chunks often – without any real judgement just ‘how did that feel’

A useful analogy for real young golfers I’ve used is an imaginary friendly croc & his friends the giraffe brothers…. in the takeaway/takeback the kid takes the club back low first, some ‘food’ on the clubhead to feed the friendly croc who leaves some on for one giraffe so the kid turns & gets the club to the top of the backswing to feed the giraffe, then if they swing through the ball ‘real good’ & upto the top there’s still some left for the giraffe’s brother, trick is saying you don’t have to ‘stop’ to feed they’ll get it okay as long as you swing low then to the top then through to a full finish so you don’t leave the 2nd giraffe hungry…..

To help Vikram understand to grip the club together >> On the hold of the handle it’s just gentle repeated encouragement to move the hands closer together – the more he can watch when he’s into it good swings the easier it will be as kids just naturally try to emulate what they see

any more detailed instruction is for a few years down the line – unless the kid concerned starts to get more interested & starts asking for more themselves.  Kids groups are great when they are young too so they can learn with others & have fun


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