Vikram gets his first golf handicap

Vikram played his first kids comp couple of weeks ago. Hoebridge GC has Jr section comp which is played over 9 holes of our par-3 course. Kids from 6-10 and has handicap from 20 to 60. After that kids graduate to our ‘Challenger’ (Shey) course which has P3 and P4s.

He had a decent run and now has a well rounded ‘handicap’ of 40. He initially did not any concept of what a handicap is. While at the club, we were scanning the handicap list. We spotted his name with the 40 across it. he thought 40 is a very good score. So i had to tell him that in golf, lower is better. Pat came the reply, ‘this is too high, in the next competition, can we aim for 30’.. no clue where it came from or how realistic it is. We will see how it goes in the Nov comp.  I dont think too much about it and we will work with it as it comes..  For posterity sake, here is how the handicap list looked like