About the Desigolfers…

Who looks forward to waking up early hours on weekends in this wintry weather? A bunch of Indians have discovered the game of golf in the leafy suburb of Woking and now religiously look forward to weekends to get their fix at the Hoebridge golf club. As all of us still have a mortgage, we are still holding on to job, but sometimes we try and sneak a quick 9 hole game on a weekday.

Pradeep Mathur

An ex-hockey player, Pradeep can fool you with his size. He is however a pocket rocket and can rack up scores close to our current leaders. Also known as the one-club man given his tendency to use only a single club all the way upto the green, he has now progressed to a full set. He is a bit irregular in his outings with us, but hopefully it would be corrected over the season.

Prashant Gandhi

A loyal Arsenal supporter, who has now turned his attention to a smaller ball.  His dedication to the game has resulted in him making multiple pilgrimages to Hoebridge driving range



Rakash Gupta

Rakash gave up his love for fencing and is quite smitten by golf. He is a competitive person and has goaded all of us to keep improving. His own game has come up leaps and bounds and is quickly challenging the incumbents. When he is not working, he spends time bantering with the group over emails

Ritesh Gandhi

It is easy to spot Ritesh on a golf course – he has a unique style of exercise which starts making sense when one sees his swing style. Ritesh has been playing for nearly 9 years now, but the frequency has gone up several notches since he started playing with Vinesh.

  Sunil Munsif

With more than 3 decades of cricket behind him, golf is a cake walk for him.  Sunil has a natural swing of a salesman. Within 3 months of losing his golf virginity, Sunil ability to wield a hybrid is second to none.




 Vinesh Kurup

A golf enthusiast who released that his size and shape does not allow him to play few sports other than golf. In 2011, I decided that it was time that I stop flirting and get serious about golf. So I set a target of getting and then halving a handicap within 18 months. The rest of this crew will be greatly responsible for me getting there (or not)

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