My double life!!!

Thank you!!.. for taking your time to visit me. Over the years I have written on different websites, blogs or print. This website pulls some of these pieces under one roof. In a modern world without a finish line, Permanently Beta very much defines me. I like learning new things, taking on fresh challenge and always questioning the steady state. The blogs on this site provide my opinion on things as I see them and reflect MY views. They address a range of topics, but there are some common threads – a desire to be irreverent, a play on words, some topical humor etc. Some of these aspects work while others have fallen prey to the test of time. I spend my week trying to balance work and my other love – golf. My work pays for the mortgage and green fees, while golf provides reason to stay sane & social.

At work:
In my day job as an Technology consultant, I bring over 16 years of extensive experience in Global sales, management consulting & IT project delivery for Fortune 500 Organisations. My approach to working with the CIO agenda is honed by two approaches – my strengths in the field of Transformational Consulting particularly in aligning an organisation’s customer led philosophy to underpin customer acquisitions and retention strategies help me review the IT landscape from a ‘top-down’ approach, while my extensive experience of working with IT developers in various countries & organisations and exchanging ideas with some of the best minds in the industry help me develop a ‘bottom-up’ approach. These approaches help me provide solutions which are cutting edge while staying practical & implementable.I have a strong track record of developing offshore services underpinned with a cultural understanding based on extensive worldwide work experience with a ‘Big 4’, ‘Western SI’ and  ‘Leading Indian SI’. I have led multi-million dollar bids successfully and have also been instrumental in delivering large multi-country projects. I have consistently demonstrated the ability to manage stakeholder relationship and drive team performance to ensure successful achievement of targeted results and objectives.I love the opportunity to be evangelical and indulge in blue sky thinking. I am the author of whitepapers and thought leadership papers in the area of Customer Experience and emerging Web. Previous work includes being the lead author of Capgemini’s Customer Experience blog. I believe that I am an inspiring leader with a collaborative working approach with strong believes in trust, openness, honesty, team spirit and integrity.Specialties:IT Cost Optimisation, IT Operating Model, IT Strategy, IT Advisory, CRM, Social Media, Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma

Telcom, Media, Entertainment, Financial Services (Banking, Insurance), Manufacturing & Retail and Govt & Public Sector,

Some of my clients

JPMorganChase, Oxford Univ Press, BT, Dept of Work & Pension, Westpac Bank, Nike, Malayasian National Insurance, Lloyds Banking Group, HM Revenue & Customs, Coats plc, Eli Lilly, Centrica etc.

At play:
Born in India, where golf is the reserve of the rich and elite, golf was a very aspirational sport for me. I have played cricket all my life, but in the spring of 2010, a heel injury forced me to pay more attention to my golf. I set my sights on getting a handicap and then halving it in 18 months.   I played my first ‘9 hole competition’ in May 2010 and came last with a score of 54 (par 33).  In the subsequent ten months, my game has gone through an extreme makeover; classes, kit, friends etc.  Since then I have won the monthly competition twice and now shoot 95 to 98. I think, live, breath, log, tweet golf.I made it to a shortlist for the ‘Play Your Best 2012’ competition by Golf Monthly and Ping and had the opprtunity to meet Lee Westwood.  I had set a goal to break 90 in 2012.  I have tried quiet hard and won a few competitions in the process and come tantalisingly close to the milestone.  I am sure I will eventually break it, and then I will aim to break 80. The distant dream is become a scratch player. I do have a very patient wife who allows me to skip homework and play golf. At the moment, my son seems to like it a tiny bit, so am hoping he will takes up the sport, that will probably be my ticket to get onto the course more often.Handicap history:I generally play with a handicap of 24 – though in reality my game can swing between that of a 18 HC or a 30 HC.  I aim to get my handicap to the early teens by 2013.

Prizes Won:

I play the monthly ‘improver’ 9 hole competition at my local course, and seem to be win a few bits and bobs like closest to flag, best aggregate etc.

My biggest golf related prize has been winning the the Rob Holman Pot from Ernst & Young Golf Society in 2012. check out the related blog here

Golf Monthly carried an equipment review by me in the Sept  2012 while Golf World carried a ‘letter to the editor’ in the Aug 2012 issue.

  I will surely be experimenting some more with this website, so do visit again or subscribe to the blog or leave me a message or use one of the regular channels –>  


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