Why Google may not win the Social war

(Foreword by Andy Mulholland, Global CTO, Capgemini) I was very interested by the views of a younger colleague – who therefore is more representative of the mainstream social networking – and I asked him if he would write a guest Blog piece. This is the result and I think it ought to encourage some really good responses. Here it is:

In the past few weeks, I have been spending most of my time reading, debating and challenging some popular wisdom around the future of the social networking scene. I would like to share some of my conclusions and ask for your reactions to my thoughts. Continue reading


Death of the back office

Its been some time since I stood back to smell the roses. Yesterday I had some intellectually stimulating conversation with Patrick, which got me thinking again. And here are my thoughts for the evening.

I think the whole story about offshore will go away!!
No, I don’t mean, offshore will not work anymore, but I believe, offshore will be yet another commodity within the next five years. The 500 of the Fortune 500, the 1000 of the Fortune 1000, businesses in the US, UK and continental Europe (the so called new offshore battleground) will have already offshored. What needs to be offshored, will have been offshored. Continue reading

From Korma to Vindaloo

‘Chicken Balti!!!’, screamed the customer. It was a Friday evening, time for the great British tradition of ‘Curry and Beer’. It did not help that it was nearing what passes for as ‘summer’ in the UK and India was out of the World Cup. The kitchen was humming with activity, but the orders were not coming through at the rate it was expected. As I peered at the customer through the kitchen porthole, I looked at my ‘Front Office’ taking the orders and I remember saying to myself – ‘Good Lord what have I got into, there is no such thing as a Chicken Balti in India.’ Chicken Balti or for that matter, Vindaloo, Madras et al don’t exist in India; neither does the ubiquitous Cobra. All these should find a place in the museum as part of the Great British Inventions along with the Hovercraft and Viagra. Continue reading

Service of Nations

The two buzz words that is attracting a lot of attention these days is SOA or Service Oriented Architecture and Shared Services.  Will talk about Shared Services later, however SOA intrigues me.  Not necessarily because of what it does but because of the aura around it and the hype that it creates.  Put simply, it means, that a certain ‘service provider’ will be able to provide the service to anyone who request it.  I don’t think it is a new big idea.  I think it has been around for some time.  Nearly decade ago, I remember working on OCX, and then component programming (COM/DCOM) etc etc.  I don’t think the new SOA concept was very different from this.  At a very basic level, the very fact you can have an Ms-Excel within Ms-Word or Ms-Powerpoint is a very deconstructed version on SOA according to me.  (Purist look away!!!) Continue reading

Writing for Sanity and Insanity (& IBM)

Me getting back to writing has had varying reactions from different people who have navigated to the site.  Some cant understand why I did it, and if there is any hope in writing a blog in the first place, when our time can be better spent ‘doing stuff’.  Others have been a bit more supportive.  Though I am not sure how much is lip service and how much is genuine. Continue reading

Virgin Atlantic v/s Jet Airways and FC Kohli

I had a distinct hope that I would be able to write more ever since I discovered email blogging, however the chaotic work day can keep one away from it. So it is a triumph of human (read laziness) over technology to help write this one. The reason I wrote this is because, this idea struck me in a Eureka moment in the shower. Before I get there here is what happened. A few weeks ago I had the privilege of listening to Dr F C Kohli, widely regarded as the Father of the Indian IT industry. To the surprise (and chagrin of a few) of many in the audience, he ritually ripped apart the advantages of the Indian IT industry over China. He did make sense. The whole idea of the talk was not to demoralise but to rally everyone to move towards the greater goal.. and he was successfully too!!. But that is not the idea of this blog either. Continue reading

Microsoft v/s Google-eBay

While reading ‘The World is Flat’ and trying to get my Adsense working, I think i might have found a perfect storm for Microsoft.  Google buying eBay or vice versa. Ironically, this may have nothing to do with their individual core competencies i.e. Search and Auctions.  I think the more potent combination is Adsense and PayPal.  Currently it is my understanding that they may not be interoperable, but the combination is lethal.  I spent some time on Yahoo Answers and similar sites and trawled thru the Net for ‘money making ideas’, and most of the advice i got was ‘to sell lots on eBay’.  Personally, i know a few blokes who make a living on eBay.  So there is a community that does this and it is expanding. Continue reading