Face of Benross Golf… Who would have thought

When I took up golf about 5 years ago, it was my way to get out of the house and get some fresh air.  I had always admired the game, but never understood it or had a chance to play much (except during my stay in Kuala Lumpur for project work).  Years of playing cricket meant I had some basic hand-eye coordination, but all the wrong type of muscle memory.  If at that time someone had told me that I would be in contention to be the Brand ambassador of a golf club manufacturer, I would PMSLing..

FaceOfBRoss-PosterOver the past 5 years, I have played a few courses and cut my handicap and been active in the Golfing media.  I have come to love the game and my son is getting into it. Last month, Benross ran a competition to look for a Brand Ambassador via their ‘Be the Face of Benross’.  As a middle aged hack, I had little chance of it, but then I tossed my name into the cap and lo and behold, I am in the shortlist of 15!!!

The next round is via Facebook voting.  As some of the other competitors are young & digital savvy millennial, I was expecting they would walk all over the rest of us.  So it is good to see, that my family and friends (and their family and friends) have helped me get to a respectable position on the leaderboard.

Polling closes on 2nd March 2015, so if you read this post prior to that, do vote for me for being the Face of Benross I need votes to finish in the top 5 and qualify for the finals. The voting is via Facebook and it would be great if you can vote for me by hitting ‘Like’ on my photo on the Benross Facebook page. Click on the link http://on.fb.me/1zlc9ie  and hit Like.. Simple. Should take less than 5 seconds and anyone can vote.

Who says middle aged men with full time jobs and high handicaps cant aspire for such things.

Finding a new Coach – the_coach

I played Swinley Forest GC at a corporate event a few weeks ago. On the 11th P4, the organising pro comes around and records a video and gives some suggestions. The video can be seen here on the Ubersense site (swing starts around the 29 sec mark)

Anyways, I posted this video to the Golf Monthly forum for comments. There were a few well intentioned comments, but the one with the real meat came from a forum member simple know as the the_coach. the_coach is apparently based in California, plays off a +1 handicap.

The_coach coaches through his/her own involvement with the USGA at state & national level. He tries to play in the (US) national open amateur & state competitions throughout a season plus the three clubs he belong to. It is remarkable that the_coach is taking the time to advice a lot of folks on the GM forum. Irrespective of the fact that I dont know who the_coach is, the advice he provided me is rock solid and I have benefited from it. Since our first contact on the forum, I have exchanged a lot of ideas with him and every bit of advice either via his/her long and well crafted message or video suggestions have worked wonders for me. (For the sake of simplicity, I will address the_coach as a ‘he’)

To keep all the advice in one place, I have started a new blog series imaginatively called ‘The_coach Series’.  The advice pertains to my swing and the_coach’s assessment of it, but some elements are equally applicable to everyone. I have tagged the series with a ‘the_coach’ tag so will be easier to find and here is a quick link too.. Happy learning>>

Trying to break 100- The 3 Goals Method

Golf is a tough game and it is made tougher by poor technique and poor course management.  While everyone practices the technique, few indulge in any course management.  One reason being that, course management is more of an art than a science.  A member of the Golf Monthly forum (ironically) called ScienceBoy recently posted his views on how to break 100 via course management.  It is equally applicable for breaking 90..

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Driving me mad..

Driving me mad..

I came late to golf (or vice versa). However, now I am addicted to this beautiful game. My golf blogs show some of the passion I have for this game. I play with a group called the Desi Golfer, whose blog can be found here

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The Roaring 90s

The Roaring 90s

Fresh out of college in the 90s, these tech blogs were my first experience in authoring stuff. This was at a time when India was just about to step on the digital super highway as the Internet was finally available in India in 1995. Fresh out of college, my style is very basic and the subject at hand was very very dry.

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