Golf lessons

I posted a video of my swing to the Golf Monthly forum for comments. There were a few well intentioned comments, but the one with the real meat came from a forum member simple know as the the_coach.

The_coach is apparently based in California, plays off a +1 handicap. The_coach coaches through his/her own involvement with the USGA at state & national level. He tries to play in the (US) national open amateur & state competitions throughout a season plus the three clubs he belong to. It is remarkable that the_coach is taking the time to advice a lot of folks on the GM forum. Irrespective of the fact that I dont know who the_coach is, the advice he provided me is rock solid and I have benefited from it. Since our first contact on the forum, I have exchanged a lot of ideas with him and every bit of advice either via his/her long and well crafted message or video suggestions have worked wonders for me. (For the sake of simplicity, I will address the_coach as a ‘he’)

To keep all the advice in one place, I have started a new blog series imaginatively called ‘The_coach Series’.  The advice pertains to my swing and the_coach’s assessment of it, but some elements are equally applicable to everyone. I have tagged the series with a ‘the_coach’ tag so will be easier to find. Below are the link to my conversations with the_coach

  1. The_coach analyses my drive
  2. Getting the golf grip sorted
  3. Changing the swing
  4. Taking it to the game (and failing miserably)
  5. The stance
  6. Debating the size of the club grips
  7. Figuring out the wedge gaps
  8. Pulling left (after fixing the pushing right bit)
  9. Footwork drill
  10. Some thoughts on Course Management
  11. Ironing out the Ball position & alignment
  12. The Pelvic bend rather than waist bend



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