Golf Monthly, Ping and meeting Lee Westwood,

As I was part of final shortlist in the Golf Monthly – Ping ‘Play your Best 2012’ challenge, I was hosted by GM-Ping for a meet with Lee Westwood on 9th July 2012.  It was an unbelievable opportunity to meet and interact with Lee.  The event was held at Ping’s HQ in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. Continue reading


Being unremarkable is the new remarkable… + Ping

Played my first game on Shey after a long time.  Tee-ed off early as PG wanted to head off early.  He had a bit of a spar with the slow players in front..  🙂  Anyways, that event apart, it was a pretty unremarkable game for me.  more on that later.

The game started on slightly frost conditions.  I had par-ed the first hole – usually not a good omen.  Historically, whenever I par the first hole, I make a meal of the other 8.  Some good tees and percentage shots making from me ensured that was not the case today.  On the 3rd hole, I thought I tee-ed well – but lost the ball into the low sun – took a penalty.  Continue reading